I was going to buy Darktide, but

Yes, I got paid by Larian Studios to influence all the 40 of you into buying BG3.

Actually, we need to respect Larian. No cash shop or FoMO traps, no live service with constant internet required. They must be amateurs.


In no way do I think you’re a shill. All of us are vocal people on the internet, but there’s no need to be rude about it (not implying that you are).

I personally cannot stand having multiple copies of the same gun to compare stats and grind down to materials using this horrible AI. Give me one gun of each type, let me grind for materials in quests, lock some between hard content or challenge runs (pick McGuffin up at the start and carry it to the end within a certain amount of time, do full grim runs, high-intensity runs, the list is endless). There are countless possibilities to make this fun, challenging, and also taking time at the same time.

People say grind. I don’t consider Darktide grind. It’s far too much fun for that, and I love challenge runs.

I’m opinionated, and I’m sometimes loud, but I really try to never strike below the belt of those who think differently. No useful conversation can be had then. This text format is limiting enough as it is.


Well, it worked for me… retroactively, but who cares, so good job ;).

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Anyone having steam Darktide game crashing issues? Can’t seem to load it up

You pays your money, you takes your choice.

Darktide has been (for the whole of the last year), is now, and will be easily for the next 6 months worth whatever it is now on Steam. £21 / E21 as it is right now? Bargain. Absolute bargain.

Forget the crafting system. You know, I know, we all know that that’s just some bs reason you read on the forums. Ok: so crafting is a grind thing. Forget it. Latest patch made weapons and crafting a 20% thing in the game. Get something half good and that’s just fine for 90% of the game. There’s so much to choose from, that if you’re mithering about that min-maxing thing, then you’ve already got 100 hours worth out of the game. That’s 20p an hour btw. Skills, skill trees, and blessings, no matter which, are all just fine to get through to end game.

I’m sure Baldurs is great. Have fun. But you’re just posting nonsense if you say the crafting element is the one reason you don’t want to play DT.

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I was referring to how invested in this you seem for ‘not owning darktide’. It feels like you own the game, are frustrated with the crafting system, don’t feel heard about that, so pretend you are a perspective customer who is turned off by the state of crafting. Most people who aren’t going to buy a product because they already know they won’t like it just don’t buy it and move on. The only 2 types of people I know of who choose make a spectral about it are Karen’s, and astroturfers.

It’s a really good game and well worth the money. I highly recommend it. Just FYI the quality does go down a bit in Act 2, and does drop some more in Act 3, but it’s still high quality… Just not as high as Act 1.

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I haven’t had a crash in months, but I know some people are still having issues.

You should make a post in Technical Support - Fatshark Forums and attach your console logs for better assistance.

There’s a post made

Everything MeatShield said.

I’ll shill a bit here though, and say that BG 3 is a must play imo. Kudos to Larian, definitely worth buying and worth playing. For 60$/€ you get hundreds of hours worth playing and access to everything. No battlepasses, no gatcha, no special extra currency etc etc…

Game is amazing, gameplay fun and diverse, story is great, and enviroment/graphics fantastic. A must for RPG fantasy turn base lovers.

If i didn’t own either, and was thinking about buying just one, i’d definitely buy bg 3.

edit: Music beautiful.



Of course I would love the combat, just as I like on V2. No discussion about that. Visuals are incredible. Audio is top notch. No one is doing any “spectral” about anything and you are very free to disagree with anything I said.

I’m simply presenting my point. I wouldn’t be here wasting my time with a post if I didn’t care about the franchise. The skill tree update was a great addition for this game, made me come back to take a look. Sadly, that’s not enough for me. I still worried about the crafting system, not because I firmly believe it will destroy my personal experience with the game without even playing it, no. But because buying the game the way it is represents endorsement of something I disagree with. Being short: we have an entire system that achieves nothing but time waste. I would like to see it change before buying the game, knowing that it’s going towards a helthier direction (and seems a lot of people agree with me). The specifics I already wrote above.

And that’s it. I still watch ChocoB playing it from time to time.


What game doesn’t have grind, though? Honestly, please do enlighten me.
And those games that actually do have no grind, they often get critisized for that feeling of reward missing.

To be completely honest, once you get past a substantial amount of grind, that’s when the gacha really gachas you - getting those last few blessings you didn’t random into can cost you thousands of mats. And hundreds of hours.

Logging in daily to check meHlk, even using a browser API… Hundreds of greys plastered with thousands of plasteel, only to have another “marvel” awoken…


As to what games don’t have grind, provided that’s a serious question - Souls games famously have none. The grind is getting better and understanding the game more. Strategy games rarely have any grind, but that’s generalizing too much I suppose. I can’t remember any grind in L4D… And DRG has tons of unlockables, that while randomly unlocked, don’t show up after being unlocked, avoiding the gachafication elegantly.

I’m sure there’s more, these just immediately came to mind.


BG3 is fantastic and I’m not even that much of a fan of tactical RPGs. Starfield was a huge letdown, but BG3 hasn’t disappointed for one minute.

Nonsense? Even if it’s true? It is the reason I’m not playing much. I do enjoy the gameplay but I also enjoy progression, and I have too many fun games in too many genres to play to bother with Darktide at the moment. I’m not saying I haven’t gotten my money’s worth. I’m not asking for a refund. But retention is key for games such as this, and I am finding myself drifting away.

Haven’t had crashes in a while, but a while ago we just couldn’t start a mission. Got some weird error code. Haven’t seen it since though.

Yeah, this is a good point. Anyone posting here cares.

I don’t consider my time with Darktide grind, but I use the loot system as little as I can get away with.


If you liked Fatshark’s previous games, it’s a shame you’re passing over this.

The crafting issues are not as impactful as they might sound. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely in favor of them lifting the restrictions, but the game is not even remotely balanced around having 100% perfect items.

As someone who is a bit obsessive and really doesn’t want to ever commit to locking any of my items, it’s still never been a problem for me. This is a not game where they want you to keep rolling on an item upgrade system that destroys your items just so you can even do the max level content. I hate those games too, and Darktide really isn’t one of them.

I actually enjoy this game more than Vermintide, because it’s largely the same gameplay aside from the new Toughness system giving you a bit of a buffer. A sneeze at the wrong time is no longer the difference between life and death. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I haven’t had a hard time getting weapons to clear all content with, even from the start of the game.
That’s the big difference players fail to grasp of the move from VT to DT. DT content isn’t balanced around perfect roll 380 stats, optimal tier 4 blessings and perks. It’s clearly balanced around a decently rolled 375ish with a mix of tier 3 and 4 blessings. Which is easy to craft.
The perfect weapon makes a difference. But just a bit. It’s a goal to strive to, unlike VT where you maxed out your gear pretty much instantly and then just played for the hell of it. Which was great, I have hundreds upon hundreds of hours in VT1 and 2. But being able to get some occasional upgrades now and again is also nice.

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It’s not though. Crafting is a bloody pain no matter what type of gear it is you want to get. The grind is longer if you want fully decked out kit, but even if I just want some medium-tier weapons with level 3 blessings you still have to run back and forth between the shop and Hadron, you still have dozens of the same type of weapon that you have to compare.

Top-level gear is not as important as it was in V2, but that does not excuse a rubbish UI and crafting experience.

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Min-Maxing is not a priority for this game system . WH40K is a flawed and difficult universe , and you should never be made to feel comfortable with its systems . And you don’t need perfect weaponry to be successful in these trials . Grindinh is always a choice , and you can temper it to your sense of difficulty , with Darktide . I’m glad there is some reason to keep cominh back to it after many rounds ; the character and the progression together make a reason to choose to return to a game . if that isn’t workinh for you , then i would suggest that it is because no game can provide you an infinitely new experience – some of us choose to ignore this fact to experience a feeling anew .

Yeah, but you can have that without rubbish AI.

Have us grind for really hard-to get mats that require high-difficulty modifiers on missions, make that take time. Let the core challenge be gameplay, not tedious slogs through sub-par crafting systems. Having a rubbish UI and attributing that to the bleakness of the 40k universe is just lazy design imho. Let that bleakness shine through in the difficulty of requiring some of the materials instrumental to our survival, not bad user interfaces.

congratulations you took the cake, 40k is also the universe where people die like flies, our characters wouldn’t last a minute against the odds they are facing. so i guess our characters should get deleted whenever a nurgle plague infested blade touches our toe, thats what the lore says can’t have fun nonono