I want new crates [Suggestion]

Greetings, as you well know currently in the game we have 2 crate pick-ups. One being the Medi-pack and the other the Ammo box. It’s time to vary these up, so I’ve come with some new crate ideas you might like.

  1. Unstable Void Accumulator: This is our generic bomb-type crate, when placed on the ground it slowly generates psychic/electric energy as a ball, after 5-10 seconds the ball gets big enough and explodes, killing small enemies and damaging the bigger ones while staggering them to the ground.

  2. Combat Incenses: This is our buff type crate, when placed on the ground red-colored incence will fill the air, giving any player in vicinity +50% dmg and +50% dmg resistance. Making the team able to employ bolder tactics.

  3. Iron-Halo shelter: This crate uses the conversion field technology to create a transparent barrier, deflecting all the bullets while allowing you to shoot it through. The placement for this crate is quite important, since the barrier is shaped as a rectangle and it deploys the way the user is facing. (ie Reinhardt shield for OV players). This crate is quite useful when the team gets pinned by many gunners. Any enemy can walk through the shield, it only barriers bullets. Snipers can also shoot through it.

I have few more ideas which I will add them at a later time. Meanwhile consider these and let me know. Please share your similar ideas I would be interested to read them. The new crates would be a very good addition to the game. Thank you.

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I’d take a good old combat stimulant injector. It could increase your base speed and base critical hit chance for a minute or so.

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