All those Empty Crates

I’ve heard a lot of people note that it feels bad opening empty crate after empty crate. Adding more ammo, medkits, etc. or more crafting material can affect balance, so I get not necessarily wanting to do that.

What about adding “equipment parts” to the crates? Every player could just have a running count of parts, and once you reach some amount (10, 15, 20, etc) you turn them into a random item for your class. That way you won’t be opening empty crates all the time, and you feel rewarded for grinding out the missions.


I suggested yesterday that we should be finding “Damaged wargear” in yellow crates at T4 and T5.

Then let us use Hadron to combine the Damaged Wargear with Plasteel and Diamantine to reforge the broken thing as a weapon of choice.