I truly now feel like a Reject! IMMERSION COMPLETE! This post is sarcasm/humor

After the open letter I now feel truly like the reject i was always meant to be! Immersion complete now all i do for months is farm my weekly currency and hoard it like smaug hording his gold. If you guys also feel like rejects please come in this thread and give your reasons! See you in Tertium REJECTS!

Community wanting content


In all seriousness make darktide an early access title. I love you fatshark this is here to make a bad situation better with a little humor/sarcasm. This post is not meant to be serious :smiley: I am willing to wait months for a better game.


When I heard “no new content for months” I knew Darktide was back, baby. Frankly I wish they’d remove some of the content that’s already there so they can better focus on progression loops and whatnot.

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If you remove the content that’s there you truly become rejected fulfilling the rejection loop. Remember the mind too small to doubt fatshark is a blessed mind. But in all seriousness the content drop removal was a gut shot to the dwindling playerbase.

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What they need to do is massive overhaul of their systems. To do it right they will need months. Just glad they listened. I am patient.

I see you are ever the optimist :smile:

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Going to put this here and clarify for future readers. This post is only here to add a bit of humor to a terrible situation. I am looking forward to the future of this game but like the rest of you but i am disappointed it is going to take a long time to get to that promised future. This post wasn’t meant to be toxic towards the devs. Its simply to have a laugh at the current situation which is dire. Hopefully in the months to come this game becomes the game that we all want it to be :slight_smile: . I love this game and will still play it daily but it is going to be hard to justify doing it in the future with no new content coming in. I have all the pskyer penances done and i am just stacking gold and premium currency at this point. So not getting that seasonal content is kind of a gut shot for me.