I think I'm a minority, but

Unfortunately not. It’s already past end of workday in Sweden, not to mention Catfish repeated today that they’re “aiming for this week.”

So they hope to have something this week. No promises. Certainly isn’t happening today.

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Is it time to queue the “This Week!?” memes?

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Tiny mistake there thinking that a beta in any amount would have fixed this.

Betas are for troubleshooting the game - ie. quashing as many bugs as possible and testing on as many different setups as feasible to find sneaky bugs.

Alphas are for testing if a feature works as intended and whether it is good.

In an ideal world you invite people for both phases, but most game companies skip the Alpha invites which tends to lead to… horrible features and go straight to beta at which point feedback on features are too late.

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I’m not sure that would have helped.

We had feedback from the Pre Order Beta, pointing out a lot of the issues that became apparent later, but there was little to nothing done to alleviate those problems.

If anything, they made things worse (nerfs to Psyker and Zealot) or fixed “bugs” that would have helped lessen the bad design choices (crafting mats rewarded even if the mission fails).

This is true, they should have had alpha waves first, then make sure things actually worked and were enjoyable. However you can tell some things were designed to be tedious so the Corporate Ghouls would be happy.

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Honestly i don’t want to abandon it too early. I was even like: Yeah, lets just play a little bit, lika a few missions a week to “stockpile” some crafting mats. So I enter a heresy missio and ofc some dude and his friend do the speedrun penance for Zealot, it fails ofc. We wipe 20 odd minutes in.
I quit the game.

Found myselfe logging in again, checking shops. Walking up to the mission board hovering over the quick play… and deciding not to do it.

It is not just “Ohhh man i am pissed about their broken promises and lack of content” anymore. I am actually not interested in playing DT at all right now.

But OP i also hope it will one day be the 40k coop game we all deserve! :wink:

Yes we are aiming for this week, and hopefully earlier rather than later in the week but I can’t confirm a day right now unfortunately. But as soon as ready i’ll make sure to publish it on our official platforms!


oh. hai Catfish. Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums!
Glad to hear it, and I really, really hope it’s this week. I can’t really imagine what this community is going to be like if it’s… uh… next week again.

Community / reviews self imploded last week since it had been too many “next week”.

They could delay this one and it wouldnt change much in the direction its going to be honest. Im more concerned that it most likely will be how sorry they are and how they had hard self reflection and planning to bring changes… in a few months.

Yeah… but question is: what will you promise to fix/rework and how fast? Will you take L for design mistakes you made? Unfinished state of game etc.? Or will it be just “we heard feedback, we will be working on everything hard, somewhere in the future everything will be fixed but no ETAs, just promises”.

Because not the response itself but what’s in it and how it’s formulated will make or break this game for close future.

I know you will just pass what management will say to pass but Fatshark should keep that in mind.

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The content of the update will certainly be very interesting to read. I hope to heck they will push out crafting and a ton of fixes before a console release, even if we only get hotfixes this week.

If nothing major happens until console release… well then everyone will know that they dropped support for PC completely to just work on xbox. Which will prove a lot of people right, and make a lot of people quite angry. Or… angrier, as it were.

Ive been thinking about what would make the community happy at this point. And I dont think there is an actual viable solution.

If all they been having is… conversations… we wont see results for a while. Catfish will mostly be putting out fires. You cant be doing this every game and except the community to be happy about it. Its aint Kickstarter and it doesnt have the early access tag. Dont care about how much the game was (the dlc alone at that price was completely insane).

What I expect is this:

Catfish will introduce herself
There will be an apology in delay, which will be partially explained with the holiday excuse and catfish not being able to “start” until recently
Then there will be the part about how they have been in reflection. There may even be a word about how Tencent isnt to blame.

We will get a mini roadmap about hotfixes coming in.
They will talk about crafting been fully released but will be a work in progress and they are open to feedback.
They will probably be mentions again how they didnt intend to have a predatory cash shop.

There MIGHt be other things but i dont want to get anyone’s hope up. I dont think they can solve the siloing of inventory / currency super fast nor the abysmal end game content or why we dont have reds yet and pretty much make all our current loot grinding useless.

Once again, im not sure what would make us happy.

that reminds me… we havent had a twitch drop since the beta lol


To be sure, whatever community update they bring won’t be a magic bullet. It can still be good or bad, though, it can make things better or worse. Or not change anything at all. I wrote a post about how this update needs to be an actual community update and not a PR puff piece for wide distribution, but I guess that’s unlikely to happen.

What they absolutely need to avoid is further gaslighting (“we hear you like weapons”) and other stuff that’s just absolutely incongruent with actual reality and fact.

I doubt we’ll get a roadmap, given their history with roadmaps. It’s yet another corner they’ve painted themselves into over the years. However, they should absolutely admit that the RNG timed shop, the sheer level of RNG, the RNG mission select and the siloing were poor game design, and that they want to fix it.

If they try to defend their ‘design intent’ at all, it’s not going to be pretty - because the design intent is quite transparent for what it is, and it’s a very ugly look.


Is it just me or does this feel like the building of anticipation for a community update (not a patch) is artificially built up?

Don’t get me wrong. This is exactly what we need, but it is just a stepping stone to our eventual goal: wanting the game in the state that it should have been at release without the weird design choices.

But this is just a community update. Something that should be there for a game in this state. Weekly.

Eyes on the prize people! I know the comms (especially in this forum) have been scarce - we care about this game (as the informal questionnaire in the other threat here showed). We long for news. But don’t blow this out of proportion. Don’t get your hopes up too high.

Yeah it won’t magically fix the game, or how we view FatShark. If they didn’t let more than a month pass since the last comms though, it wouldn’t have been built up this much. It’s just one more corner they painted themselves into.

They seem quite adept at continously shooting themselves in the foot, and being surprised about the pain every single time.

No matter what they do some chunks of the community will be mad at them for not going far enough or fixing their number one issue lol


When I ran the open community survey, the single biggest results related to FS’s communications, specifically that “the developer be open and honest with the community about the state of the game”

I think people have the totally reasonable expectation that the next community update show some humility and self-reflection. If it reads like another PR puff piece and isn’t genuine and honest about the state of things, the community is going to feel even more gaslit and things will continue to get worse.

@FatsharkCatfish I don’t know how to express this better, but people are really hoping to see some self-reflection from Fatshark about the state of the game and some transparency about what led to the current state of the game and what’s planned to turn it around. The major issues the community is hung up on are well known, as I’m sure your official survey will corroborate. If there isn’t a discussion about what will change and how, people are going to become even more dissatisfied. Please pass this sentiment on to management.

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Yeah, that’s what they SAY they want. What a lot of people want is someone and something to be reactionary about. To have a manifestation of a target.

For the people that do legitimately want what they’re asking for, they have a myriad of expectations and FS can’t appease them all. So talking about it with them in circles is pretty pointless. Perfect example, people pointing to a community poll saying they want more communication from FS. FS tells them we’re working hard on figuring out our next steps and really want to be sure of them before our next community update. Hopefully it will be out next week or the week after. Yet, still not good enough for the crowd who asked for more communication.

Only FS can create its own goalposts and try to stick to them. Trying to keep up with the hundreds or thousands of shifting goalposts the community will ask for is a waste of time.