I love vermintide

Hit 550hrs on V2 last night and realised I hadn’t even posted this yet :slight_smile:

Huge love for V1 and V2



I’ve found that I enjoy the game more than pretty much any other game I’ve played, even considering the ugly bugs.


That’s pretty sweet!

If it’s any consolation, I got the joke upon initial viewing. But, you’re right. Inflection is hard to get across in text unless you really commit to it.

On the topic at hand. :+1: in the tats.

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I love Vermintide 2 uhh, too. I loved LFD2 in the same way. Awesomeness in gaming!

To be fair, I had never even really heard of warhammer before vermintide 2 lol. Thought it was a card game xD

Been reading up on the lore and different characters and backstories. Interesting stuff.

Neither did I lol

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