For all its flaws Vermintide 2 is really fun, manthing

Want to give FS some love especially cause vermintide is one of the few good Games Workshop games in existence and it actually lived up to the hype.


I think things are only uphill from here, especially with the later addition of mod tools. As is, it’s fun, if broken. No other games give me the satisfaction of ripping a ratman’s limb off, nor the time to watch him claw rabidly in panic.


Or indeed burn to a crisp, getting its head chopped off or crushed. It’s a gorgeous sight to behold!

Really looking forward to the new maps, mod tools, balance changes and fixes.
I already played this game more than V1 and I’m eager to see what FS has in store. :wink:


Throw my compliments on the pile as well. Thanks for bringing a nerdy part of my childhood alive in a very, very fun way.

I’ve liked the games you guys’ve made since War of the Roses and I can tell there are some folks there who are passionate about melee-centric gameplay. Keep up the excellent work.

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Yeah, you can only go up from rock bottom.

I have like double the hours on V2 already compared to V1. Though I didn’t max out all my characters on V1 or collect everything.

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Agree, I’m loving the heck out of this game bugs and all. Such satisfying melee and mayhem, and damn these levels are gorgeous!

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there’s always one guy

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lol, yup. I don’t understand why these people are here, if they hate the game so much they can go play something else and leave the rest of us to enjoy this one in peace!

Game is awesome…

Flaws are ok as long devs show good will to work on them, if they reading forums they shoud be aware of all major flaws right now

They are reading. Occasionally even answering. Though I’d like to see even more of their thoughts on some of the things here.

And yes, thank you for another wonderful game, and making it better. Keep it up.

With all the hate and anger visible in the world, and especially the Internet, I love to see positive things.

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