I love spamming refine on a curio for 30 minutes

Instead of clicking twice per roll, you now have to precisely click 4 moving buttons to roll or pay more plasteel to slow down the buttons.

Whoa whoa whoa, don’t go too far now. That sounds like it could actually engage my brain a little. I don’t know about you guys, but after a long day at work I love nothing else but turning going into a catatonic stupor, not moving my mouse, and clicking as fast as I possibly can for hours at a time. It’s very soothing, and my carpal tunnel thanks me every day.


Jokes, you have to move the mouse today as it is. They changed it in the Omnissiah update so that you have to click on the perk and then to reroll each and every time you roll.

Dang, you got me. My brain must be so mush from clicking at this point it’s become muscle memory. Tbh I don’t remember much past last week…

New proposal, make it so I don’t have to move the mouse at all, but increase the time between refreshes to keep the time between rolls the same. This would also keep those pesky modders from cheating a perfectly good system.

Glad we’re making some progress here, keep the feedback coming guys!

Maybe a long unskippable animation every time you roll… but how long it is is also random.


i like when the shine of the omnissiah says “it’s clicking time!”

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That sounds like antithesis to what a mod is.

“Mods aren’t to be trusted unless it’s the one that gives me what I want.”

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I know this thread is a pisstake, but anyone who actually spends more than 2 minutes rolling on a weapon needs to get their head checked.

A perfectly fine and working system that doesn’t waste anyone’s time \s


vermintide 2 had fat shark sanctioned mods, secured on steam servers, with a built in mod launcher in the V2 app. Conflicts after big patches were common but at least you were getting them fixed, and it was safe.

darktide has you downloading some random persons code from their google drive, installing it manually, and manually running some EXE file to patch the launcher. Totally sketchy. for some people, mods make the game unplayable, they end up having to do a complete reinstall, it’s just not worth the risk.

fatsharks own public mission statement on crafting is they want players to be able to craft items, yet they have built a system which makes it difficult to craft anything you actually want.

I still don’t have 3 curios that I want after hundreds of hours.

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BS, sometimes it took months to fix.

You mean Nexus-Fing-Mods? Most have their source on Github
even though MODS are just LUA scripts, PLAIN TEXT, anyone can look at them.
They’re just manipulating scriptable elements the game exposed.

You mean Aussiemon’s stuff? YOU know he was involved in VT2 mod stuff too right?
This one? GitHub - Darktide-Mod-Framework/Darktide-Mod-Loader: A basic tool for enabling/disabling Warhammer 40,000: Darktide mods. dtkit-patch/main.rs at main · ManShanko/dtkit-patch · GitHub
EDIT: BTW you’re NOT patching the launcher, odds are even you know this, you’re patching the game DB.

You keep saying this, Source? (get it?).
I guess it’s technically possible if you’re on a mega potato PC running Intel graphics that would choke if you ran even the simplest script, that wouldn’t change if the mods were in SteamWorkshop…say what were you running again?

Yeah, that totally happened. The mod patcher can be TOGGLED and if by complete re-install you mean a steam verify on the off-chance the 1 single file didn’t get toggled back?
Yeah verify and re-DL 1 file =TOTAL RE-INSTALL.

Oh no…I fed the troll!


This is wrong at so many levels I don’t know where to start. It’s like, you have to be trying to be wrong to be this wrong level of wrong. You must be trolling.

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you really just rage quote spammed me lol

try watching a lot of the streamers who have had problems with mods, they don’t have potato pcs.

also try touching grass once in a while.

fatshark needs to fix the game, we get that you think fatshark doesn’t need to fix the game, thanks for your contribution.

not at all.

Ratshark: Makes thread
GPKGPK: Replies
Ratshark: lol u ragequote me, lol touch grass

Not how a discussion works, bro. :blush:


If you mean debunking all your nonsensical points? Then yeah, “rage quote”. Here’s some more for you.

Oh I see “ppl are saying”, “I’m hearing” huh.

I hope the irony ain’t lost on you. Read it again, slowly. I’ll wait.

Oh? Who the F said that? There’s plenty to fix and grumble about but your post makes almost no sense and is filled with tons of logical abominations, like this blurb.


dont address the link i posted with the google drive download for a mod pack.

I didn’t think it warranted a response as it is such a weak argument and a stupid thing to bring up, “hey guys I found a random link to X when official hosts exist” is hardly the gotcha you think it is.
I’ll post a bunch of random Windows ISO links for you with some additional surprises just for you, let me know how it turns out.

At least put more effort into your trolling.


it’s not a random link, it’s in the steam guides for Darktide.

you keep making all these statements which just don’t land in reality as hard as you think they do.

i have a link of a you tube streamer of darktide with stutter problems when using mods, but Im reluctant to share it because at this point you proved you are not arguing in good faith.

You demanded sources rudely, when I provided on source, you rudely dismissed it.

Its my experience that when people get mad, and take the time to do a bunch of quotes like you have where you attempt to take things out of context and slide the thread, that no amount of evidence in support of what was claimed is ever accepted.

these are very manipulative habits, and I find them toxic.

IF you ask for a source, THEN have the decency to not be rude when a perfectly good source proves you are wrong.