I love spamming refine on a curio for 30 minutes

to try and get one of the three properties I want. I can’t get 3 of the 3 that i want, but thats ok, wanting things is toxic, no one needs a curio to play this game.

this is great game design, and super fun, fatshark gets dragged in the forums way to often, and I just wanted to say thanks so much for this.


Cmon. You’re one of the best players in the game, you’ve got the scoreboard mod, surely you’re using the rerolluntilrarity mod too.


true, but i don’t actually use mods, I don’t trust them unless they are official.

I really love spamming refine, its super relaxing, this is 100% a legit praise thread.

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Really? I dunno. If I was a goat I’d be wary of that bridge right now.

That’s just silly considering your Scoreboard Mod topic.
MODS are just LUA script to automate the exposed functionality, you can look at the source with a text editor.

Oh I get it, this is a troll post or attempt at humor?


u mean like every post he does?


many people have problems with stuttering when using mods, im sure you already know that.

you can’t handle someone praising fat shark can you?

Well I wrote an app (not a mod) that predates mods and can even be used with GeforceNow to automate rerolls; search for it.


Dog food 3

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i have a intel video card, and I think fatshark should implement better rolling if they want us to have it.

I also love that its goofy hard to get all 3 stats you want on a curio, people have it too easy these days.


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seriously… 3rd party solutions are not good enough, fat shark should complete the game we paid for in a reasonable time frame.

they say they want us to have meaningful build choices and its clear they put a lot of weapons and modifiers in the game, it’s also clear the crafting does not cut it.

unless of course you are like me, a masochist, suffering from Stockholm syndrome then it’s great!


They went out of their way to make it even worse from when refining was actually released, so I’m not sure anymore what to expect if they do change it.

sure im using sarcasm and other tactics, but if I argue with logic on this forum they tend to get mad. Then all of a sudden they flag my threads and get them locked, the mods come in and lock down the thread, and it disappears!

If i use the same tactics they use they get mad and post a bunch of images, this is such a confusing place.

no matter what you do on this forum, people rage about it.

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I agree. Good post.

EDIT: My only advice is that re-rolls should still cost 1 plasteel even at minimum to properly simulate the online casino experience. I really want to feel the pain to get what I want when I’m 1000 re-rolls deep trying to get that Curio perk. “Just one more pull of the lever… this time’s gotta be it…”

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it should always cost at least 100 plasteel and $10000 and they should cut all the rewards in the game in half, people have it too easy.

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Nah, that’s too much time spent playing, and not enough time spent clicking. Fatshark could learn a few things from classics such as cookie clicker. I want at least a 50/50 ratio of time spent playing and time spent clicking in the crafting menu.

I propose to keep the cost at a minimum of 1 plasteel per roll, but exponentially decrease the odds of tier 4 and maybe even tier 3 blessings. This would keep us all engaged in the crafting system for much longer, which is the one part of the game the community seems to agree is actually well implemented at the moment.



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