I literally can't get in the lobby. When I try it gives me an error or flat out makes me crash. I've reinstalled the game from scratch 5 times

Whenever I try to play this game I can’t get into lobby at all. It either gives me error 2004 or 2013 or 9999 or whatever and kicks me back to character select or it crashes my game.

I haven’t been able to play this game for a week cus of this. And I clean installed the game like 5 times, and turned off all my mods. I don’t understand.

Also this is less important but maybe related? But whenever I open the launcher it just says Darktide and it doesn’t load up the news.

These issues only happened after Hotfix 1.0.52

GUID: e22b9367-0f73-4b71-93f8-9c18b68479b0
Log File:
Info Type:

where you able to play the game at any point?

I also have not logged into the game for a week

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No. I keep trying but I get noting. I wonder if it was the last hotfix that screwed things up.

I think things were working fine before I had to fresh install steam, but none of my other games have had problems after reinstalling Steam. Just Darktide.

you mean you never played darktide? or you could but after a patch you couldn’t?

if its the first, hate to ask but does your system meet the requirement? DT is a taxing game and lets say “not perfectly” optimized

install an earlier graphics driver from Nvidias or AMDs website with a full installation that removes the previous graphics driver.

I’ve played Darktide since the beginning but only after this patch I can’t.

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The crash data prints an error where it seems to think you’re not running Windows 10. Do you have the latest Windows 10 updates installed?

This error is also tied to DirectX 12, so I recommend a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers too:

Yes I have the latest windows 10 updates installed.

But I’ll try re-installing my GPU driver.

I updated my drivers and its still happening.