I like FatSharks marketing

I just want to say that I like Fatsharks marketing.

If my memory serves me right they don’t start showing the game until they have something to show beside from telling people what they work on with a trailer or two. Then it’s mostly silence until the game is close to be released or a beta are on the horizon.
I like when studios wait until they are sure it’s ready to be shown & talked about. Instead of showing things a year or years before release that may or may not be in the final product, like some studios do.

What about the Versus mode trailer?

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I can agree that they revealed that to early.
With that said I would argue that it falls under “Look we are working on this”.
They have not talked or shown more if I’m not mistaken?
Trailer, FAQ & beta sign up.

Thats specific trailer is what taught them the new method they currently use.

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No? That would be the launch roadmap

Plus there were multiple development blogs dedicated to Versus after the announcement before completely disappearing and progress never being mentioned ever again

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I still think they could learn a lesson in teasing.
Take drg devs for example, they posted an image with a date, got everyone hyped then let everyone down by revealing a board game in that date, but they got me wondering and thats what teasing is for.

Do you think that’s a net good thing? (this isn’t an attack, a genuine question)

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I think the DRG dev are daring, like they take bets and try to hide people by take risk

But at the same time I don’t want FS to do so because it can cause a lot of problem (road map, Versus…) and get people angsty

At the very least I wouldn’t include a date, and I would make it work more like the Rumor engine of GW, where it’s just a picture in black and white without telling if it’s AoS, BB or Warhammer 30k/40k (So in our case VT2 or Darktide) without promising anything (at least time wise)

I mean yes, they teased us and got us(i mean me and all the people commenting on it) interested, the only bad part is that they set us up for disaster when they announced a freaking board game, hype deflated.
But teasing is a great marketing tool, you let people know something is coming without telling them what you keep everyone’s imagination cooking possibilities.
Just don’t do it to announce a board game or worse: a BATTLE ROYALLE mode, that would suck the life out of earth.

Just noticed the announcement had the date in american style (month - day - year) so its actually a tease for in-game content for real and not the board game, god damn i feel dumb.
But yeah, teasing works (when communicated properly lmao)

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