Heating up the hypetrain

Theres no denying that fatshrek is good at writing characters and making trailers so i have a quick suggestion for the months before darktide release that includes both.

A couple of trailers detailing characters, almost like job interviews but for the 40k universe, probably something resembling the tone of the baseline test in blade runner 2049, meaning the inverviewer clearly doesn’t like them and is even mean to them at points but with some of the answers you can cut away to gameplay footage detailing that character role in the game, i am absolutely sure you guys got a buy-instantly-after-watching trailer made already but i think something of a more personal approach to each character would inevitably benefit game as well make usage of that good ol fatshark toxic banter we all know and love, you gave a tiny taste of it on the last teaser and i liked it a lot, so please some more of that.
Great job so far, as always.


Yeah No I will wait for premerie. Knowing FS and how they love to throw out bugged messes my hypetrain is at level of meh


Oh dude i have 4k hours in vermintide, there will be bugs all right and i am ready to forgive them if the gameplay is equally good or better than vermintide.
Most games has bugs in them.

And most games are hot garbage and I dont have time for that, FS showed us that with each time there is “Beta tests” closed or open that they ignore most of feedback or have complete chaos that they throw versions with fixed previously bugs.
Atleast there won’t be wutelgi so no obviously favored character ;p


To hell with bugs, game is so unstable to most people and optimization is non-existant, my 2 friends can’t play game because of constant crashes, dcs, backend errors, one of them needs to repeat the training every time he logs on his character. There’s no way I’m buying it in the state as it is and I’m 100% sure they won’t either. And I have high-end new PC, I pity the people who have mid-end or low-end PCs, good riddance to them playing it even on low…

Yeah its like its a beta or something.



Aged like a fine wine. I see loads of people defending things as “just problems you’ll encounter in a beta,” but those people evidently don’t realize that many of these same exact problems were present in Vermintide 2. Things like the weapon swapping delay bug, which were patched out of Vermintide 2 years ago, have found their way into Darktide. If you view that fact with the knowledge of how long it took for Vermintide 2 to remove those bugs, it becomes clear that these issues will remain on release day–and quite possibly for months or years afterwards.

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