I just had a 6 player match

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here is a picture of how many we were in the match; although a bug i really enjoyed the crowded mission and i even feel like we got spawns for two additional player

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i played as Zealot, i queued for quickplay, got matched with 5 additional people (i actually joined a game with 2 players in an three bots)
i freshly logged in and didnt talk to anyone except the mission terminal.

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Chasm Logistratum

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Yes, but I haven’t tried disabling them

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PC - Steam

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console-2024-01-16-20.25.05-1b1b5bbc-8a41-4c3c-8aeb-7d818db19b1a.log (287 KB)


I’d like to try that.

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Bug? Let’s make this a feature! Lol

Sounds like a fun option every once in a while

It’s back!

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