5 Man public game

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We were playing warren with my friend (Dickot) in a public game. I hear a zealot stun-nade, but when I See the bottom right corner there’s just us and the two botws. Imagine my surprise when there was an actual zealot screaming and using the relic on my screen. I don’t even know how things like this happen. After a while another player joined, leaving us as 4 players, and 1 bot. The bots could die and respawn, and could be rescued as normal. At the end event one of the bots just straigh up vanished. Thats it :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t reproduce it, and I don’t even know how you could do it.

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Warren 6-19

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PC - Steam

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The other 2 are bots, so it’s more of a 3 man game. Bots are worthless.

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I had this happen in a game 3 hours ago as well.

Yep i had this same bug,

But i had 4 players and 1 bot

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