I have problems with Untrusted system file - wldap32.dll

I had stopped playing Vermintide 2 since the Grail Knight was released because of this exact error.
However, I have had an urge to play again and try and resolve this thing.
There are many, many, similar posts about this exact issue.
I have followed the FatShark FAQ/ trouble shooting suggestions already (many times actually).
More over, this time I actually tried to replace my Wldap32.dll file (which wasnt possible because too many system processes were using it).
for sometime now since I can’t fix it, will I get a refund for the game? In addition, Will it affect me if I buy darktide?

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Sorry to hear this. I’m happy to help with a refund, and I’ll send you a PM shortly with some more information.

At this point, I’m unable to say whether or not it will impact you in Darktide, as it’s all dependent on which anti-cheat provider we use.

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