I feel like the only one who is impressed

Well done so far Fatshark.

3 hours in, no crashes, far cry from the beta experience
added percentages on stats
menu options don’t get reset after relogging
frametime spiking issues are fixed (so far for me)
and more, but this is all I was really concerned with

Amongst the plethora of entitled posts complaining about bullsht subjective issues, I feel like there are few people praising the work done so far.

Well done, lads.


99% of the happy people never post on forums. Too busy playing games. Forum posts are always for the entitled or bitter people. I post a bit, but mostly love the game. Just wish they would allow you to reconnect back to the map your were playing before your crashed. Allowed it in Beta, just not in live for some reason.


Or for smooth brains who dump everyone providing relevant feedback in the “muh haterz” category, like you

Forum mold


I saw your post, and have yet to drop from a game…I was hoping you’re incorrect. That reconnect feature was great.

I’m impressed they pumped out all these extra additions based on feedback in such a short time period, also the change they made to toughness based on feedback is the real big one for me, shame it doesn’t work as intended right now for Veterans or anyone above a certain threshold but it’s a step in the right direction.


Not sure what makes you think I’m lumping everyone into a group, but sure bud.

My opinion:

The game launch could have been better.
The game launch also could have been worse.

It’s an okay launch, some glitches, some performance issues, some lack of content when compared to how they sold the launch to us.
Still a fun game, still a lot of good bug fixes, still a lot of fun to be had.

Ez 7/10, but they have to sort some of the issues soon (and I’m sure they will).


It’s sad the toughness issue is buggy, because they did indeed listen to people and change it, it just didn’t work on launch. Irony, lol.

Especially when compared to launches of AAA games in the past few years, this has gone quite well so far.

Considering what they had to work with and what type of pressure they probably had from the Publisher to deliver on time, this is a bit of a miracle launch even.
Of course it won’t be perceived that way by many of the playerbase. I don’t think they have an idea how dystopian work conditions actually have gotten in many companies from varying industries. I easily know 4 offices from the top of my head where there’s workload of 3-6 employees handled by 1 individual.

Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum where 10 people sit around and 2 do any meaningful work, employee and management bloat killing off any real drive to complete projects on time.
Pretty sure Fatshark will be on the former side of things. Small dev team, a few hired helpers who had to be trained for the project. Many of the mistakes that happened here seemed to be of the “hastily try to get it done on time” quality.

I’m not too surprised it isn’t working as intended entirely, they likely had to make the changes hours before pushing the launch day update onto the servers with minimal testing time for different variables and values.

Hopefully they release a quick fix for it before Friday.

Just wanted to point out that Fatshark is both the developer and publisher, they’re an independent company by their own words, though temcent owns shares.


I cant agree more, I’m only on the forums since I’m also at work itching to go play!

I’m aware. Question is how many shares does Tencent have? They’re notorious for doing silent takeovers with the share accumulation over 50% thing.

At this stage I wonder why any company still bothers going “big” on the stock market. It clearly leads to only marginal short-term gains, but long-term just takes your ownership over your own company away.

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Amongst the plethora of entitled posts complaining about bullsht subjective issues, I feel like there are few people praising the work done so far.

I mean half of your point (no deconnection and no fps drop) are “bullsht subjective issues” that clearly aren’t that common given the post about them. You are one of the lucky, that doesn’t mean the launch is smooth, I simply wasn’t able to complete a full game with two friends tonight without one of them being disconnected through a crash and unable to join back before being replaced.

there have been a few improvement from the beta but the game still feel a lot like a beta or at most an early access with a micro transaction system far worst than it was for Vermintide to add to it.

should they had made an announce that the game wasn’t ready for a total release and would start as a early access I could have been more understanding. but the launch state really isn’t that great.


I don’t know an exact number, but tencent gained majority control in January 2021.

Assumingly most companies do such in order to raise funds to expand or help cover their cost.


Under no circumstances can the game launching without a crucial feature (crafting) and the core passive mechanic of the Zealot STILL being bugged be considered an “okay launch”.

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“My game is fine so stop complaining” get outta here bro lmao Sick and tired of this argument. Just go play the game and have fun if people speaking negatively about your beloved game bothers you so much.


I generally think DT is in a vastly better state than VT2 was at release, and applaud them for the general improvements.

However, toughness chip bugs, Zealot Martyrdom still stacking wildly incorrectly, increasingly predatory MTX, missing crafting systems, no changed to widely lambasted RNG shop grind for new weapons, these are all very reasonable things to be critical of at release.

Hoping they get to the core gameplay affecting bugs and hotfix ASAP.

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Well that explains a lot then. So the financial and decision making control has been with Tencent. The stock market is a bunch of grifting and cheating, I will never understand people participating in this laundering scheme.

Yes, because I said so.
And because that’s literally what okay means. Okay means it isn’t good. Okay means it isn’t bad.
It’s just okay and I say it’s okay because it’s functional, fun enough and has a great presentation, but with weird gameplay design decisions and some technical issues.

That’s the very definition of okay.
There I go.