I dont understand Fatshark's way of 2h Sword reach thinking, even after FatsharkRobin explained it

Here is explanaition of FatsharkRobin

TL;DR. Because of you would have to hold 2h sword with 2 hands, reach is lower. It’s irrelevant because not only 2h swords had longer blade, they also had longer handle, and there even a gap between hands most of the time. If you try replicate with a ruler(excluding blade, only hilt for now) the difference of distances is 2-3 cm in favor of 1 sword BUT average blade length of arming sword is 20-30cm shorter than to 2h sword. So yeah, 2-h sword should have longer reach.

now before i begin, i would like to start with terminology.
2h sword in V2 looks more like longsword, aka hand-and-half sword, which is 100-130 cm length, while regular Markus’ sword more of a arming sword, aka knightly sword, aka 1-handed sword(even shorter though i feel) being 60-100 cm long. With greatsword, i cant find any historical classification(prob because it was named, as well as longswords, meaning swords, that were longer than regular swords) i would suggest do as Shadiversity suggest to name any sword, that is long enough to make most of the fencing moves impossible to execute because of the length.

So about “two hands holding” problem. For Arming sword hilt is designed to be held with one hand and thus being not only shorter, but also, half of the hilt is just pommel, for balance of the weapon and had length of 10-15 cm of whole hilt, while Lonswords had 15-30 cm. Now lets try something. Take a ruler, it will be our hilt. Stand and imagine enemy in front of you. Turn your right shoulder in front of him and your left so that it both you shoulders and enemy will make a straight line. Point your hilt. That how 1h sword is depicted. Now, try to reach hilt with your left arm without moving anything outside of left arm and ruler. For this position, hilt would have to be 50+ cm long.
BUT, there is a trick. Move your arm a little bit to the side without bending it. Suddenly, requirement for hilt length halved just by little degree change and reach is till the same, due to or right hand being radius of the circle. Now, lets take a figure and place him in two positions, that we tried. If we rotate this figure around right leg,we would see no change of reach, but if we rotate from the center of mass, the change is slight, 3-5 cm. But still, blade is longer than just the hilt.
Next, lets stand in battle pose. Right leg in front, left leg back and to the side. While standing, arming sword’s hilt is a little bit more closer to the enemy, than longsword, but, again, blade is longer . but if we swing, the reach of hilt is the same on both 1h and 2h swords and with longer blade, that would mean the reach is bigger.
So, FS, please explain me, how sword, that almost two of third of the length than the other, had same reach as the bigger sword?
and if we are talking about great swords, not Longswords, that the question is more viable, because greatswords should have 150+cm length at least, while everything, that worked with “longword vs arming sword” would work on “geratsword vs arming sword” same way.


While the general statement that wielding a weapon two handed does “decrease” the reach due to body mechanics (reach is determined by the short gripping hand, not the long gripping hand), the reach on 2h swords is still too short, not taking into account full-body movements in strikes (reach is heavily determined by footwork, pivoting, weight shifting, lateral movement and hip rotation) as well as the obvious fact that the “reduced” reach is taken into account by making grip and blade proprtionally longer.

This has been bugging me as well, how come falchion has same or even more reach than greatsword?

A quick personal test (yes, I have realistic swords lying around): Feet planted in the same spot, not specially overreaching, a Longsword (with two hands) reaches 5-10 cms farther than Arming sword. Using a zweihänder (which the greatswords in this game look like) would reach even farther. I’m not sure if that would make enough difference in the game to be useful, but it would need to be tested.

Gameplay-wise, the extra reach would allow us more safety with the two-handers: With one-handers, you have mobility, with shields you have, well, the shield. Two-handers are halfway mobility-wise, but often it’s not quite enough. Halberd and Spear already have a very high reach, and that makes both of them quite safe to use, as they seem to have comparable mobility to other two-handers anyway.

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