I can't wait for solo play. i hate internet so much

Once i have my solo mode with bots i’ll probably never play with another player again. My internet is sooooo crap and garbage, like right now it’s slightly cloudy so my download for a random hotfix for Deep Rock Galactic is going at 8KB/s.

The last two weeks of playing, the 65 hours i somehow pulled out of no where was basically nothing but constant disconnects, horrible lag, rubber banding, dying because i was getting beaten down because my game thinks I’m in one room but I’m actually in another.

I hate it, i hate it so much, 20 years of this BS, we had dial up still in 2008, we had to put in a 50ft free standing tower next to our house just to be able to stream, its pointed directly at the main tower. All of this has made me permanently hate playing anything online, especially with others. The fault does not lay with you guys (well, there are a few assholes out there), but many of you don’t realize how much a privilege a good internet connection is, you people don’t even give it a second thought, and before you clap back with “well i pay a premium for fast internet” yeah, so do we, we have the ‘fastest’ package and its still garbage.

Its so… limiting, whole genres and games i’ve just completely shunned because i know how unpleasant playing with such a terrible internet is. I hate how devs clearly dont even give people like us (i know it’s not just me) a second thought, i mean, i know single player is confirmed, but holy hell i just can’t wait any more.

-To give you an idea of what it looks like on my end, according to steam i have slightly over 900 hours in ArmA 3 (probably one of my absolute top 10 game, out of 650), and i can guarantee not a single second was online.
-A bit over 500 hours in payday 2, on not a second with other players.
-200 hrs in Elite Dangerous, always in the solo mode
-160 hrs spent alone with BOSCO in Deep Rock Galactic
-150 hours in Digital Combat Simulator just on steam (probably another 200 hrs on the non steam version), again, never performed BFM with another player.
-Verminted 2, all of the Calls of Dutys, Monster Hunter World and Rise, all of the Souls games (and Eldin Ring), never online. And that’s just steam.

The title isn’t broken grammer, i really do hate internet. It’s literally a daily struggle (In a first world kind of way).

(Sorry for the obvious venting and rambling, but one can only take so much.)


Jesus. Quit whining, or move.

“I hate how devs clearly dont even give people like us (i know it’s not just me) a second though”

Yeah, of course devs aren’t going to cater to people with 8kb/s speeds with a 40gb game. Get over it. You’re on speeds that were already outdated when the twin towers were hit, the sheer entitlement to act like this is anybody’s problem but yours kind of makes me mad. And, God, it’s not like it was a secret that there weren’t dedicated servers during the pre-release.


Entitlement is asking for crap that’ll never be added, purely because you want it, stuff like pvp, space marines, fencing(?). Im whining about a feature that’s already confirmed to be in the game on release or very soon after. These devs already cater to people like us in their previous games and they’re supporting us here. I’m simply venting, don’t like it? leave.

When i say “I hate how devs clearly dont even think about people like us" im referring to BS games that demand a permanent online connection for no other reason then to push micro transactions or to steal all of your data. Games that have single player campaigns meant to played solo. Obvious online games like MMOs and PvP games and such im i avoid and never comment about it to anyone, because like i said above, entitlement is asking for stuff that never be added. Imagine if i went to the WoW forums and demanded an offline solo mode, that would be like asking for PvP ina 4 player co-op game.

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With all due respect, devs shouldn’t think about people like you. You chose to download the game knowing it wouldn’t have dedicated servers.

if you think that you will be able to play offline you’re in for an rude awakening.

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Not “offline” i never said play offline, i said play in solo. a light connection to backend server for data collection and anti piracy is tolerable, as evident by the dozen of games i play in this genre that are also online but have solo modes. Payday 2 Vermintide 2, Deep Rock Galactic, DCS, ArmA 3 etc i just play with bots. They’ve already confirmed there will be a dedicated solo mode with bots, so why i still get comments along the lines “well this game isn’t for you then” is completely beyond me.


I dont know how someone can be so obtuse. They’ve already confirmed there will be a dedicated solo mode with bots and a separate dedicated server mode So why i still get comments along the lines “well this game isn’t for you then” is completely beyond me, because they clearly are thinking about us. When it’s obvious you don’t read the replies its a bit embarrassing.


all those have peer to peer connection don’t know about the rest,

it works because in all those game instances you are the host to the session and once its done the information gets transferred to the data-centers.

darktide provides the hosting via their dedicated servers, meaning everything that happens in map is calculated by their data-centers and send to you live via the internet.

i don’t exactly know what you mean with “it already has been confirmed” but i think your confusing private lobbies with peer to peer.
the host process will still be run by their servers even when you play in a private lobby.
if they confirmed peer to peer functionality that would surprise me to the extreme as it would be a total hassle to synchronize.

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strong text A little research goes a long way

The relevant portions, emphasis added by me:

With Darktide, we set to work on a much-requested feature from the previous tide games: Dedicated Servers. We put considerable effort into engineering new technologies that would allow us to run dedicated servers at scale and run the huge hordes of our “Tide” games you have come to know and love. Dedicated Servers were a priority for us, and due to the Network Scale Test and Closed Beta, we were able to fully battle-test our dedicated servers (a special thank you to all who participated!).

Now we are confident in our Dedicated Servers, we would like to take the time and answer those recurring couple of questions that remain; “Can I play Darktide solo?”, “Can I play a private game with one or two of my friends?”.

The answers will be Yes, and Yes.

We’ve been working on an option to play exclusively in Solo Mode, where you will be hosting locally your own instance with bots. Because you will be hosting the AI and other game systems locally, this will increase performance cost.

So you see? the devs do give a crap about us, so enough of this “the game isn’t for you, go away” nonsense.


well no game that ever was put on dedicated servers, and not allow for people to run their own servers, made an effort to allow something like this. so the assumption fatshark wouldnt either wasn’t unreasonable in the slightest.

i was aware that theres gonna be solo mode and private games, but that fact doesn’t have to anything with how the host process is run.

strawman all you wan’t i don’t care lol.

so considering you already had your answers before you posted this thread is this whole spiel just to call other entitled and babyrage out your frustrations?

good to know the forum is used in a proper way (see what i did there :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: )

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Yeah. In the future. Not at the moment. And yet you complain about not having it right now, despite your decision to purchase it, knowing that fact.

What godawful country do you live in where you only get 8 kb/s download speed?

Wanna know so I can make sure I never live there.

im wondering how they manage to advertise and get people to spend money on that kinda speed, like how did no other company thought to themself im gonna provide proper connections and outdo all the competion

yes please i also want to know what trashhole your living in with internet speeds like that so i can avoid at all costs.

bro you need to leave whatever hellhole area your stuck in. why are you living with 1990’s internet why torture youself at such a level. whats the point? you have been there since at least 2008? at this point maybe you just like the torture cus if it was me i would have done everything humanly possible to have moved to a place with better internet.

I hope I never meet people that replied in this thread. Not a single shred of empathy in their bones.


Well…bye I suppose?

I agree completely. And they wonder why anyone would want to play solo. Well because i never would want to interact on any level with brats like the ones in this thread.