I can't understand weapons

Why do 2 exactly identical weapons have completely opposite stats? I can’t seem to see anything different on them, besides just different bars.

We still don’t have detailed weapon stats on gamepass btw.

They’re not identical, they’re the same pattern. Each weapon can have slightly varied stats even if they’re the same pattern. Weapons of different patterns can operate drastically different from each other even if all the modifier bars look the same.

It’s much easier after the update just hit inspect.


Yeah, I can see that, I just don’t understand why it’s like that and I feel it only makes the game confusing for no reason.

We already have several different lasguns, and on top of that, they just work differently based on pure rng.

Yep, it’s to keep you sifting through new weapons instead or constantly refining the weapons you have.

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That update doesn’t exist on gamepass yet, sadly.