I can live without an in-game scoreboard, if I have post-game stats

Give me every single shred of statistic you have after the match is over. Make it a vendor, hand it to me after post-game, literally anything I don’t care. I just want to know how much damage each of my weapons did, how many things they killed, how much damage I did to specials, and how many specials I killed. And everything else you got. And I want all of that with some kind of ability to compare to my teammates, even if I can’t see exactly the same things (but even if I can). Show it to me after public groups are disbanded so that I can’t flame or be flamed by anyone I didn’t choose to enter the game with.

Give me a page on my operator so I can see all of these things over time. A log. Something! Or make it an available API so that modders can do the stats pages for you, if you don’t want to spend the time on it. Someone will make a website, it will be a net positive for the game.

It’s just so frustrating that this doesn’t exist. The stats must be being collected, otherwise how is the game being balanced? Just show them to us. If not now, at release. PLEASE!!!

Edit: I just got the flamethrower staff for the Psyker and I literally can’t tell if its good because the fire is so large it even draws respect from Zealots, and I want nothing more right now than to confidently tell not one, but every Zealot forever, that mine is bigger than theirs


That’d really be great

In depth player profile with per weapon accuracy, HS %, average kills per games, average specials / elites kills per games, average damage taken… etc

And on another tab, the same stats but for your most recent mission

I’m not interested in blaming other people for their performance, i want to know if i’m performing better or worse

I mean, obviously you already do get a sense of that while playing, but stats give you granular info that can potentially let you fine tune your gear for example


Post-game (as in, after team disbanded) is a great idea!

I’d suggest a display of what I did vs team average. Helps me improve, but doesn’t target anyone else for the flamethrower.

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they are puting a kind of scoreboard in the game but have not statid when yet
or what kind they will

Agreed. Post game stats is a reasonable alternative.

It could be team average and/or global averages – there are always so many ways to slice the pie and I feel like developers skimp on the stats!

Could show your performance vs operators in a similar situation (same map, modifiers, team composition), and not even vs your actual teammates! You know, if toxicity is actually what is the problem here…

Honestly I feel so strongly about this that Ill bump myself

they have said there IS going to be one in game when it is out

Where have they said this?

they have said it on discord and there was a post somewhere but for the life of me i can not find it

Darn I hope you’re right!

So far no stats

Very disappointing… such a simple but motivating feature… just let me see my own stats in the end of the match…