Extremely tired of the gaslighting about scoreboards on this forum

A couple people here are insulting everyone over the scoreboards, and they are not arguing in good faith.

They can’t admit they lack the ability to appreciate other peoples skills. They can’t admit it drives them to insanity if anyone ever out performs them. Doing all of that would go against their grandiosity.

Instead they are insinuating that players who do better in the score board are only doing better because the are bad shellfish and stupid people, who have been manipulated into playing for stats. That playing for stats is bad for the game, and that they are more moral for not wanting scoreboards because of all these made up problems.

They are also insinuating that if only all these players would play the game the way they do, then the game would be better.

The grandiosity on display here is very covert, but also very narcissistic.

If you challenge them they play the victim, gaslight, deflect, they make long drawn out post where they micro quote you. Again all to appeal to their grandiosity.

There are many reasons someone might do better on a score board than someone else and absolutely zero evidence that anyone who scores better in a game is a bad person, shellfish, so stupid that they are manipulated into playing a bad way by the mere presence of a scoreboard, etc…

All of these covert insults are incredibly toxic, and underneath this is the driving force of making these posters appear to be more moral than anyone else, and there for superior.

There is nothing wrong with scoreboards, they help people test different builds, and they allow for normal people to appreciate other players when they get good scores.

The vast majority of the time I play v2 I get compliments about how many head shots I had that game, and my friends try to compete to see who can do better, this is all healthy normal human behavior.

The lie that every game is ruined at the end because the person with the best stats yells at everyone else about how bad they are is a complete fabrication. It simply doesn’t happen.

The lie that people chasing circles is bad for the game, is a complete fabrication, with zero evidence to back it up. It is entirely the creation of someone who is covertly trying to assert themselves into a position of moral high ground, as a function of grandiosity.

Imaging being so grandiose that you can imply an entire player base is toxic and playing the game wrong and the only solution to all of this is to remove scoreboards, and make everyone play the game they way one person wants. Talk about toxic micro management.

This is completely bananas, and infinitely so because this community is kind and helpful and not toxic at all.

jsat and I played and he got more green circles than I did, I said thanks it was fun! GG

newtype and I played and he had the best scoreboard, and I said that was fun!I GG

i didn’t come to the fs forum and make a very convoluted and covert narcissistic post about how evil scoreboards are and how toxic this community is.

both these guys are just good examples of people who help out the community and are good at the game, and the very few vocal people here on this forum who are attacking score boards are ignoring all the positive aspects in our community because they know they can’t make a real argument based in facts and reason.

for these few scoreboard trolls, that was never the point, the entire point is 100% to imply that they are better than anyone else, they are more moral than anyone else, they have special knowledge that no one else has. scoreboards are bad, i don’t like them, therefor I am good = grandiosity cope.
Why are score boards bad? because they are insecure about how they score, period. Thats a you problem.

If someone did better on the score board, all you can say about it is that they did better. Congratulate them, be a good sport, and say gg.

Stop this toxic bs about accusing anyone who is better than you on a scoreboard of being a bad person. You aren’t that special, you don’t have any authority, you are not a moral person because you are using manipulation and lies to push this complete non-sense onto the what is one of the best communities in online games.

If you were moral people, you would not spend hours a day typing Litteral bibles, about how not wanting a scoreboard makes you a much better person than anyone else, and playing the victim when anyone stands up to these lies about our community.

If it’s so toxic here, and the only solution is for everyone to do exactly what you want them to do, and they don’t want too, maybe you can just leave?

If everywhere you go, everyone is toxic and stupid and the world would be a better place if they would just listen to you, that is a you problem.

Imagine calling a whole community toxic, and then playing the victim when there is push back. The victim has moral superiority = mission accomplished you are grandiose again.

This is playing out over and over again every single day and it’s time you stop. you are trying to make this great community into a toxic one, just so you can feel superior.


So what you’re saying is anyone disagreeing with you is gaslighting and that is totally different to what you’re trying to do with this post? From the most recent threads it was you and comradehx that suddenly conflated green circles would good players, look how good I am and then accused everyone, even people that were on the same side of the argument you were on of projecting and gaslighting by “going after the good players”.

Whether or not the substance of the argument has any merit, you decided to go all defensive and attack people “for not being humble” “hating good players” despite that wasn’t something that was brought up until, I again repeat, that it was you and a few others that brought it up and then explicitly accused any naysayers that they weren’t good enough.

Through your behaviour, you are showing why some people are wary of there being a scoreboard. Most people don’t care, some people like stats, some people want stats to improve. By your own actions, a lot of people are going, “if this person is acting this way talking about wanting a scoreboard out of game, how much worse will it be in game if there actually is a scoreboard?”

I personally don’t care about a scoreboard one way or the other, but I do want to add that one argument against scoreboards that I do personally subscribe to is if a person running ahead to try to get more circles gets into situations BEYOND THEIR ABILITY TO HANDLE because of the scoreboard then that is detrimental. Nobody goes after good players that have green circles on a smooth run. Good players with green circles don’t go after other people on a smooth run. But on a run where you have to keep rescuing someone who isn’t as good as they think they are from situations they are deliberately putting themselves in, that’s where a lot of the friction comes from.

Again, just to make the point, is that you are also going after people who agreed with your position, but not your exact arguments and driving them away from your position because of that.


You are not representing what I said accurately, and I have no comment about comradehx, I have no idea who he is

This is the type of bad faith argumentation that is not worth my time.

Instead of addressing the facts, you want to make this about me, personally.

I don’t know who you are, this post wasn’t directed at you, seems like you took it personally, that’s a you problem.

Good luck to you.

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The facts are how you acted, and in the future if you want to debate or argue in a way people want to consider, please reflect on that.

A big part of a debate or argument is how you deliver it, and it’s mostly your delivery that is driving away people who, I would like to reiterate, had agreed with your position.


this is gaslighting, maybe this post is about you.

I didn’t act anyway, you are maintaining I did, and that you are a better person than me, because of it, and i better listen to you and do what you say as a remedy?

lol get a hold of yourself man.

dude you frame your entire opposition, with a bad faith argument, (they can’t admit that… yara yara)

you don’t attack anyone’s arguments, rather you opt to insinuate that they can’t speak truthfully because deep down they lie to themself? do you even hear yourself talking?

literally spurious argument 101

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Toxic players are toxic with or without a scoreboard. Bad players are bad with or without a scoreboard. I want as details metrics as possible from every run in order to improve my game, which includes seeing the stats of others, and I would never dream of deriding anyone over their performance.

Some people get circles because they are good, some chase circles, and they can be blocked. Leaving out a scoreboard solves nothing and removes a valuable tool.

But I’ve said all of this before. I’m unlikely to convince anyone.

And this isnt gaslighting by yourself?

And that isnt playing the victim?

Never read something like that, but i think for a coop game it would help to refuse personal stats to create a more cooperative atmosphere than a competetive one.

A look in the mirror may help you.
To me you allways sound like someone who projects his own behaviour and problems on others.

And you dont try to do that yourself here?
Point out others flaws, analyze, rate and put yourself on higher grounds?

Curious why FS has not done it then and argued the same way many here do.

This sounds more like a community got their bubble echochamber irritated by new players with a different mindset playing this game and wanting something else.

But i wouldnt stress myself, game has bad reviews, and small playsbase and soon FS will deliver to their hardcore fans and have to admit that creating something for a wider audience has failed.

Your bubble was just irritated for some month, it will get back to normal soon i guess.

FS has tried to get more customers and do things different.


you cant convince them because they are not in good faith. they already flagged out this post, because it is 100% accurate.

this is entirely nonsensical. I went over their arguments and how they are all flawed, maybe you can’t comprehend the points made but its more likely this is just another gaslight.

there are no people using scoreboard to be toxic to others.
there is no evidence that scoreboards make people play differently.
there is no evidence that people who get good scores are toxic.

these are the 3 main gaslights used to play the victim so they can be morally superior.

these are the facts, cope and seethe all you want.

i dont address people who do this out of context quote spam.

you are not arguing in good faith, you are attempting to slide this conversation and addressing zero of the points I made.

every thing you bring up you try to twist it into something about me personally, instead of dealing with the facts.
good luck to you.

Have fun

that doesn’t address anything that I said, it’s a word salad of opinion. ultimately it means nothing, except that it’s a virtue signal.

it implies that competition is bad, and cooperation is good, with no evidence at all.

It implies that personal stats are bad with no evidence at all.

this isn’t an argument it’s a virtue signal that places you side of morality.

if me and my friend are competing for headshots, under your rules we are toxic… we are competing not cooperating, we are less moral, part of the problem, bad people.

it’s all nonsense.

the reality is me and my friend like to play the game the same way, and we challenge ourselves to see who can get more headshots, and its fun for us. it doesn’t make us bad people. it doesnt ruin the game, its a totally valid way to play a game I paid for.

it doesnt mean its the only way to play. you think you have a monopoly on the only way to play and anyone who does it differently is bad, and we need to change the entire game to encourage people to do what you want them to do. that’s grandiose af.

you are making up complete bs ideologies and trying to force them on to everyone else.

its very unhealthy what you are doing.

in a covert way you are saying “I’m a good person because competition is bad, and cooperation is good. agree with me or else, ill personally attack you and flag your posts.”

As noted once before, we do have plans to include a score board down the line that puts more focus on cooperative stats than promote tunnel vision plays, putting a focus on cooperative play than personal glory. Whether or not we present personal glory to individuals isn’t entirely defined but we’ve seen the feedback throughout the varying threads on this matter over the past months so we’ll see what comes of it.

I am going to lock this up though as it’s framed in a manner that’s prone to incite one camp versus the other and we’re all honestly getting a little exhausted from the volume of infighting going on in the boards.