Huntsman Sure Shot

The general consensus I’m seeing is Huntsman isn’t bad, but players have no incentive to score headshots, they aren’t rewarding enough apparently.

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I don’t see how you’ve drawn that conclusion. They’re plenty rewarding on every weapon: repeater handgun & longbow have great breakpoints based on them, they drastically improve dps for blunderbuss & handgun via Thrill of the Hunt, and they’re a key component of boss damage on all weapons.

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It’s not my conclusion, it’s what others have reached in this thread.

Maybe I phrased it poorly, some people think Huntsman’s headshot rewards aren’t enough because x career can do “this”, “that” or reach similar boosts with little to no effort… or reach similar breakpoints.

e.g 20% reload speed via headshot vs 15% flat passive reload speed.
1 in 4 crit rate (Max crit build + headshot) or 1 guaranteed crit after melee kill or every 6 - 10 seconds.
Hunter manbow anti CW/bossing vs Double Shotted (I’m surprised it still exists tbh)

To which people say Huntsman needs a rework or a new identity. I strongly disagree.

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