Huntsman: Keep it Coming icon reads poorly

Simple issue: One stack of Keep it Coming looks the exact same as when the Talent is active. It’s not so noticeable since the Blunderbuss, Minigun and Longbow can use this trait passively, but with the Handgun it’s far more apparent that the UI isn’t always helpful. Maybe a different icon for when it’s active or showing a 1 when it’s at a single stack would be nice.


Yes! Also, this talents icon should pop up in the middle of the screen when 3 shots was made, like with Outcast Engineer Leading shots, that way you will understand that you don’t need to wait for reload and can shoot immidiately. Do that please.

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I didn’t even realise the icons were for the counter and the active, I just thought it was glitched :sweat_smile:

A simple fix would be to have the counting up icon be greyed out like with Leading Shots and leave the active in full colour.

Having it pop in the middle of the screen like Adeon suggested would be good too so we don’t have to resort to the UI Tweaks mod for that.

Honestly they should have implemented UI tweaks with some of the other updates they did.
Some QoL mods have been implemented into the game, but many still remain that are absolute must if you ask me.

UI tweaks is one that would have made the main game so much better to be just in it and have some adjustability of things.
Pick up key & needii are 2 others that absolutely improve gameplay for Quick Play party’s and are an absolute must. Would help so much with ammo grubbing people :smiley:

Unfortunately will most likely never happen and now UI tweaks has gone to the unsanctioned list :frowning:

a sad day indeed, kill the vermin we must.

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