Huntsman is in a weird place rn

what do you mean restricted?

Few weapons. In fact, rather than spear and shield, I would have preferred a new ranged weapon

The only ranged weapon he lacks is an AOE option, admittedly I wish he got another ranged option but his current arsenal is far from limited.

I could probably debunk most of your comments.

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huntsman has access to Kruber’s entire arsenal barring the Bret shield though?

like unless you mean to say huntsman has limited melee options due to talents then I’m not really sure what you’re getting at

Sorry, I had to specify it. I was referring to the ranged arsenal.

Ok, but how many melee weapons do we have that cover the same niche? Yet Fatshark continues to add more (not that I’m sorry). The niches are not watertight compartments, we can have more weapons within the same niche but perhaps with different shades. Personally, after all these years, I feel the need to try something fresh with my Krub (ranged side)

yeah I can agree it would’ve been cool to see a new ranged for krubs


In what way is he slower than any other ranged career? RV, WS, BH, Pyromancer, all of them are equally slow with no movement ult.

He literally becomes invisible at the press of a button. What more could you possibly want when under pressure and you need to kill specials? He also has one of the best melee arsenals to make room with, that is the shield weapons and spear. BH in comparsion is absolutely terrible in that regard, with no good melee weapons to crowd control and make room, no invisiblity or crowd control ult, you manually aim with your ult and expose yourself and let your block down, and he’s less durable with some of the worst tHP generation in the game. The only career that I can name that works better as a special killer when under pressure is RV, cause his ult staggers and has a longer duration. Literally name a ranged career that does better in that situation.

So much wrong here. The cooldown isn’t exceptionally long, damage is increased by a very big amount, monster damage is strong, the movement penalty is completely negligible. What do you want his ult to do?

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Isnt that a bit silly to say? You are required to Headshot to do anything to Monsters. Otherwise the damage is non existant. You also need Makin it look easy to trigger lots, which is out of your control. On Bluntsman the Monster damage is everything but nice, whatever gets done.

If you just bank on only Headshots, BH with Double Shotted, and WS with Piercing will outdamage Huntsman every day of the week at everything. Piercing builds even got buffed by the Nuclear Bow that got added a couple of days ago.

The movement speed penalty and the headbob you need to cheat away with the no wobble mod is also nothing negligible. Not being able to get were you want in the six seconds you get every 90 seconds is just painful.


I totally disagree, but honestly we have clashed so many times on this topic that it’s definitely enough.

My points are still up there and I don’t think you have the “power” to disprove them (as you will think that I don’t have the “power” to disprove yours).

As I said we have talked a lot about this and people will already have their own idea about that, I don’t think it’s necessary to bore them again

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yeah I get confused about what people mean about Huntsman being “slow” like do they mean movespeed? dodge bonuses? attack speed? all of the above? it’s very nebulous and idk how to interpret it

Disagree with what? In what way is invisibility bad when under pressure? Isn’t that literally the perfect thing in your example of a situation where you’re under pressure?

Do you think BH does better under pressure?


Probably Longbow mechanics, the lack of passive reload speed and I suppose he doesn’t have a press F to delete button like Trueshot volley or lock and loaded.
BH melee crit reset & reload is also very fluid.

Though I personally think HS can hold his own, he is pretty quick.
Like crossbow, manbow is quicker than elf longbow when switching from melee if an arrow is already loaded.

It’s true, trying to summarize to avoid yet another walltext, I had to skip a few points and take some things for granted.

Personally, by slow, I’m not referring to the movement speed… but to the fact that he looks (to me) like you’re playing inside honey. Everything is so mushy… starting from the weapons swap (maybe it will be an impression, but with many Krub’s weapons it seems more buggy), by little things like the fact that Man Bow doesn’t self-reload, by its slow delay before firing, by the urgent need for headshots, etc etc.

With BH and WS everything seems smoother… reactive exchange, weapons almost always ready, no delay, Bloodshot and Blessed Shot almost always active which guarantees a free bodyshot-kill to practically everything… ults which are magnificent panic buttons.

And I could accept all of this… indeed, it would be nice to see it as an hunter style: you are quite clumsy in the open, but give your best in ambushes… and in fact I appreciate the ability to become invisible and shoot safely… but that’s not enough to cover all the penalties/malus… especially considering how badly I think Hunter Prowl is balanced.

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BH ult is a good panic button? In what way? It’s absolutely useless in such a situation. You’re killing 2 Stormvermin at most, and that’s not what I’d call a “panic situation”. You’re not saving yourself from anything with it. It’s not crowd control, it’s not movement or mobility, it takes time to even take out and aim, and you’re dropping your guard. An assassin pounces on you faster than you can use it. You know what’s a good panic button? Literal invisibility at the click of a button, or AoE CC from WHC or Mercenary, those are magnificent panic buttons. Pulling out what is equivalent to a ranged weapon when you’re surrounded and getting attacked is not what I’d call a good idea.

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Neither does crosbow, nor does elf longbow.
Elf longbow just forces the reload, you’re committed to it and can’t switch back to melee until it has finished.

Manbow & Handgun are quicker than elf longbow from melee switch.
Treat Manbow less like a bow and more like crossbow; load it before switching back to melee.

A lot of these “problems” could be fixed via small changes, weapon tweaks especially.

The only complaint I really understand is “Huntsman is bland”.
He could definitely be more interesting, especially his level 30 talents.


:thinking: I’m pretty sure Elf Bow auto-realod… but sure, I know that Crossbow nope (but it has other advantages)… I just gave a summary speech, without going into single detail.

Manbow reload can be interrupted by switching back to melee.
Elf Longbow can’t, you’ll never switch back to an unloaded bow assuming you have ammo.

That also means you’re committed to the reload, there’s a small delay before switching, it’s very noticeable after firing quick arrows.

These are all minute details that probably don’t make a big difference.

Despite what people think, reload speed does affect Empire Longbow.
It’s barely noticeable, the long “reload” is just manbow firing/recovery animations.
FS could trim it down, especially the recovery time after charge 3.

Firerate/attack speed does affect it though.

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I honestly stopped having fun with huntsman way back when they reworked the talents when WoM first dropped, because he lost his +25% accuracy talent that made manbow a lot more reliable in landing headshots. Now, I’m not saying I want that talent back today, because it wouldn’t be competitive with the other row choices. However, I think they could stand to make the base manbow as accurate as the other bows. It irks me that way stalker can hit the same breakpoints with elven longbow while having both twice the accuracy AND fire rate. And then there is the monster that is moonfire bow.

Actually, you know what? Just get rid of Huntsman’s 2x ranged falloff passive and replace it with an increased accuracy passive instead. Repeater, bow, and handgun already have super long range before damage falloff anyways, so replacing this superfluous passive with something that actually synergizes with a class designed around headshots would be great imo.

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Pretty sure Repeater actually benefits from this quite a lot, breakpoints become more consistent at the very least.

Manbow could probably see accuracy and animation timing improvements.
Repeater too. I think there is room for an accuracy/spread reduction talent at level 25.

Speaking of my experience, never had problems with Elf Bow switching. If the automatic reload really adds a swap delay, it must be really something imperceptible…

While, with Huntsman, I have often had to quickly return to the melee weapon to defend myself… just to return later to a “not-ready Bow”.

Well, what to say, if attack speed really affects the bow… we never stop learning. But I repeat what is written above: they must be “evident” things. As long as we remain in the field of the imperceptible, the utility is very minimal, if not zero

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