How would you make melee more fun to engage in

The balance of melee compared to range is not that great since range weapons must deal high since its limited use and sheer amount of elites to pick off.
Melee is pretty good but mobility for me is the biggest issue and lack of any armor piercing on some melee weapons mean you can’t even deal damage to armoured units even when smashing them with a mace.

I think biggest boost to zealot would be a forward dash so you can use your ability to close the distance to melee range units and the use your dash forward to close short distance so your not getting shot up all the time.

Ogyrn I would just say make ALL one handed weapons have the shield.
Shields way to vital to the playstyle.
Then add big two handers that are strong enough to make you want to use them over the shield or at least fun to use on malice and below.
Last of all make melee kills or damage restore your ability cooldown so you can use it more often in big fights.
Idk numbers or balance but I think they would be fun to have and can’t really see any negatives to it since you just get more tools to play with.

Please add what ever you think would be fun to make melee feel better.