How to make slayer fun again

In warhammer lore slayers fight till the last breath. I think instead of Zealot getting this as a talent on his ult (resist death while ult active) slayer should get it, it fits more thematically. It would also give slayer some much needed defense and a better window for dealing damage. Right now frontlining as a slayer feels a bit risky, even with ult up. Beastmen can almost always get a few stray hits onto you even with stagger heavy weapons such as the 2h hammer and dual hammers.

My second idea for slayer would be to add in a new slayer only weapon: the knuckle (or cestus, or iron fist, whatever you want to call it). I think this type of weapon would be extremely fun to use if implemented properly. Here are a few of my ideas on how to do so

  1. Jab -> straight -> uppercut on light attacks AKA the 1,2,5 depending on which gym you’re at. This could be a nice unorthodox swing pattern that would fit very nicely with real boxing styles. The first two attacks should deal damage to armor with the third attack having a small cleave, similar to Kerillian’s spear. The straight could also lunge you forward a little, giving the feel of a strong right cross.

  2. Right and Left hooks on heavy attacks. These would be your horde-clearing option. The arc/range shouldn’t be that big, but they could cleave through most enemies and stagger to make up for it. This would also synergize with Slayer’s passive of “unable to be interrupted while charging” fitting the idea of a raging berserker who will punch you even if you punch him.

  3. Large dodge range but low stamina. The guard of a boxer, even with iron gloves, shouldn’t be able to withstand that many hits from a blade. However, seeing as you’re literally only wearing gloves (made out of iron) your dodge range should be pretty big. Right now Slayer doesn’t have many options for high dodge except the 1h axe and dual axes, which are pretty lackluster atm on slayer.

  4. PUSH ATTACK HEADBUTT. If the beastmen can do it, why not Bardin. Not only would this be hilarious, but it’d give Slayer the option of a little dirty boxing

Well there’s my ideas on how to make slayer fun again. Hope you guys like it.


Moveset sounds very fun. :slight_smile:

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