How to request a refund on steam due to game crashes (tech difficulties->game crashes)

I sincerely recommend people go for reimbursement on steam (Help in the top menu->support->vermintide2->technical difficulties->game crashes->I’d like to request a refund)

How can this game not be in beta?
seems like a money grab.

Fix Game crash on completion screen and during map:
Save progress… there, thats it - since each map is zoned, simply save how far you got and give xp based on that if the game crashed, just like you get on a wipe, now here is the really awesome part - SAVE WHEN THE MAP IS COMPLETED!

Spending an hour completing a map just to get an error message on the completion screen is just completely ridiculous. I cannot believe you shipped a game knowing that this happens (1 out of 10 games I’d say), I refuse to believe that this never came up during testing and you just went ‘F** it, lets just ship it and make money’.

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copy and paste

refund steam

into your web browser , take the top option


Is your request still pending or did they reject it?

Pending, I still don’t understand why they didn’t just keep it in beta, frequent crashes after release seems like a perfect way to scare off customers and get bad reviews, I will definitely recommend my friends to wait buying it till it’s on sale.
Maybe it will actually feel like a finished game by then.

Any news on this? This game is unplayable for me. Still. I want a refund!

Obviously you don’t or you would have tried to get one from steam yourself…

I wish they locked these threads