How to make the Greatsword actually great:


Related and similar feedback and suggestions:

It’s a boring weapon with little to no nuance to it and better options. 6 horizontal cuts and 1 overhead strike (that’s very slow). You would just be better off using haldberd because at least you can snipe headshots very easily from a long distance (most enemies can’t even reach you at your max distance for halberd) whereas you actually have to step up with the greatsword and may get some chip damage because of that.

Love the concept, Greatsword definitely needs work it was my favourite weapon in VT1 but I never touch in it 2

Dont change light & heavy movesets, because its a staple of this weapon that i’m used to since Verm 1 days. It was always fun, in any version of the game.

Push attack and special attack - are okay to change however you like. Like, add a stab as a followup after push attack, and as a special attack.

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