How is unchained passive "no overcharge slowdown" still bugged? after months

Overcharge goes constantly down with sienna unchained. The passive says it won’t

How is this bug still not fixed? it’s really annoing to constantly have to spam ranged spells in the air to get high overcharge,.,…

That’s not what it means. It means you don’t get reduced movement/attack speed when overcharged.


Wow O.o The overcharge slowdown refers to movement and attack speed, not the overcharge bar.

Not a bug.


i mean it says “no overcharge slowdown”, so taken literal it’s bugged.
Maybe add an extra line like “no attack speed slowdown”

Because that’s confusing
in addition unchained is a class that benefits from staying at high overcharge while having talents that helps you vent it.

So the talent has a wrong description. That’s a bug. Either change the description or change the talent

That’s just a missunderstanding of the word, taken literally it’s not bugged.


Slowdown means you won’t move slower while overcharged. What you’re referring to would be best described as “overcharge decay” which isn’t what the passive affects.

it’s literally not bugged; you’ve just misunderstood the wording.


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