How does push/block angle work?

I searched but didn’t find anything recent about this.

Most two handed weapons have a small push/block angle, something akin to 30 degrees, give or take. What I’m wondering is how the +30% push/block angle adds the additional radius? Does it really just take 30% of the base angle of ~30 degrees and add it to a measly total of ~39 degrees or does it count 30% of 360/180 or what?

I’m guessing it’s the former because otherwise shields would overlap in radius but it’s possible other weapons are counted differently to make it viable to take for all types of weapons.

Pretty sure it’s additive. We already have a 360 degree block angle, but only the “block angle” is blocking without extra stamina cost and blocking projectiles. I think push is more powerful inside “block angle” as well.

Would actually be interesting to see if you can 360 block projectiles with any career if it’s still possible to build for 100% block push angle.

Oh yeah I’m aware of the 360 block always “works” but takes an additional cost. I’m more interested in the effective push radius increase rather than the block angle. I feel it could be quite useful to effectively push more enemies than just those in dead center and everyone else close to center just getting a momentary stagger. However, if it’s just additive it doesn’t sound like it would even be noticeable in-game.

I saw other posts about the subject but it was only about the block angle and how the armory mod states different numbers than what the block/push circle shows on weapon stats. Most likely because the mined numbers do not correspond visually. If this applies to a push is still uncertain.

Push/block angle doesn’t do anything to missiles. The only way to block missiles is to face the source while guarding, regardless of how much push/block angle you have.

With a high enough push/block angle, you can push everyone around you (360 degrees), though as far as I know, only shields can get a high enough push/block angle to actually do so.

I guess it’s time to load up the keep and spawn some enemies to see first hand how it differs on low angle weapons.

There is a post on reddit from a while ago, testing block cost reduction, i know you were asking about how angle stacks but there is a comment maybe answering your question.

The push/block angle property is multiplicative with the weapon’s base stats.

Pushes don’t care about the block angle. They are separate stats. Plus, just like with block, there are actually two separate push angles. The inner push angle where the push is strongest and the outer push angle where the push is weaker.

Unlike block however, all weapons share the same default push angles: 100 degrees on the inner push & 180 degrees on the outer push.

Fatshark removed the 50% block angle talents in 2.0. Rendering the meme dreams of being able to block archers with your ass impossible outside of the modded realm. But it does indeed work on modded.

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Sure would be fun if these numbers were given in-game, wouldn’t it?


If you download armory, you can see the effective push/block angle of weapons. For most weapons, it is 90 degrees. Some weapons like Dual Daggers and wiz dagger are 40 degrees. Some weapons like Elf Spear and Mace + Shield are 180 degrees. Sword and shield and kruber spear are both 120 degrees I believe. This is a very tedious thing to test as it is hard to get a solid indication of exact angles. I know some people believe that 30% push/block angle gives you 30 degrees of push/block angle. From my testing, this does not seem to be accurate. It appears that it works as the tooltip says. If your weapon has a base effective push/block angle of 90 degrees, then 30% would give you an effective push/block angle of 130% of 90 degrees. 1.3*90=117. The extra 27 Degrees will be split evenly on your right and left flanks.

Testing methodology:

As I said, it is difficult to test. I used a 180 degree weapon without push/block angle properties and turned until shield cost increased. Then I equipped 60% p/b a and turned til shield cost increased. I then tried the same thing with Dual Daggers. From my perspective, it seemed that I gained more of an increase with the 180 degree weapon. I know it’s not exact, but it’s the best test I could come up with.

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The easiest way to test additive vs multiplicative is to use a a dwarf shield and just give yourself 4 instances of push/block angle via Give Weapon. Then turn around and let a ratling shoot you in the butt.

If the property was additive, you’d still have a 60 degree window on your ass where you wouldn’t be able to block the bullets, since only the inner block angle can do that. But what you will find is that you can block their bullets from any direction. Ergo, the property must be multiplicative.

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Good idea.

I experimented with P/B angle a while back. You can knock back everything around you in a 360 degree circle.

Indeed the 30% means 30% from what you have, and not 30 degrees, or 30% from 360deg or similar. The properties from multiple slots are additive and the application is a multiplication: buffed_value = base_value * (1 + buff). And each slot applies it simply by adding to the previous.

In other words what was said is is how it works, low block arc weapons will benefit less in absolute degrees, but in % just the same.

Also, let’s not get bogged down by details. The main thing to know is that you should never run push/block angle. It’s horrible.


360 degree block angle? in vermintide 2?
I block and get damage from behind

That’s not how it works. Can you link a video?

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Yeah its fun build I remember doing it in 1,6 on IB was interesting but completly useless like block cost :smiley:

BCR is useless? lol


no need video, just block and let enemies hit you from behind, you wil take damage

in v1 you block 360 degree, not in v2

and how is it supposed to work?

if block is 360 degree, covers all angles, why is there a description of each weapon’s block angle?
why is there trinkets or weapon traits to increase block angle? if it’s supposed to block everything

…that’s just literally false. Hold block and you won’t take damage from enemies trying to hit you.

It’s effective block angle. Attacks blocked in the inner block angle reduce your stamina significantly less than attacks blocked in the outer block angle. You can see it here:

the x0.5 and x2.0 denotes by how much the damage to your stamina is multiplied.

I have no idea where you got this idea from that you can’t block attacks from all directions, but whatever.