Block Angle Shown

I would really like a display of my characters block angle, after taking in to account properties that increase the block angle.

Below is an image (done with my poor editing skills) showing how I would like it. Blue showing the weapon’s base block angle, and white showing the block angle when items with increased block angle are equipped.


Definitely not too important, just a small QoL I would like to see.


That is an excellent point! Would also appreciate it if it showed the numbers as well when moused over.

I like the suggestion, it should be included.

Something like this has been on the community’s wishlist from day one. It’s not certain how exactly the added Push/block Angle works and affects the actual angle, especially on daggers. Okay, someone has probably datamined or meticulously tested this one, too, but I (and most of the community, I suspect) can’t be bothered to search for the stuff.

Personally, I just don’t like getting exact numerical stuff from outside the game proper, and don’t like turning a fun action game into optimization game, but I do like to know (at least approximately) how my choices affect my abilities.


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