360 degrees Block for V2!

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in V1 we block 360 degrees, not only the front, that would be awesome in V2!
very useful :slight_smile:

you haven’t actually played the game, have you, genius?


The block does extend to everywhere around you, but blocking outside the weapon’s effective arc costs more (double, at least on most weapons) Stamina. The Parry Trait also works equally all around you, but I don’t know exactly how the Block/Push arc affects Pushes.

I play both, genius

with your eyes closed, i guess. it’s still present in V2 and I’m left wondering what it took for you not to notice it to the point you decided to post here.

And yeah, blocking from anywhere but the front now takes up more stamina, but it does indeed still block.

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blocking is 360 in both games.

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Congratulations, the devs thought this was such a good idea that they traveled back in time and put this in V2 since launch. Huzzah!

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