How do I get the download to finish

I saw the PSA on reddit about the bad update

I have tried stopping it

I have tried removing it

I have tried restarting steam

I have tried restarting the PC

how do I make this go away

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This is very unfortunate and we’re still wrapping our heads around it. Removing Steam’s Download Cache is an option, but the outcome seems to vary from person to person. I will be keeping this article up to date with any new “solutions”:

didn’t work for me

guess I’ll try reinstalling the game

Update, that worked

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Tried everything - even reinstalling the game. In the end, I decided to install a 64 GB patch, but after it reached 100% installation, it froze. I waited 30 minutes - nothing has changed. After restarting Steam, the download started again - still 64gb.

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