Download Game Steam 3 Days and 20 hours remaining


Today i bought the game, after see many videos on youtube, and the surprise, im now at 7 hours downloading the game im on 3 gb downloaded on Steam.

The problem is game download like 20 seconds at 20 mb/s and then stops during 5 minuts, and then restart,

I try:

Verify Library steam
Delete Cache of steam
Re-install Steam
Clean ( if anything with Adwcleaner + RegHunter )
Change location of steam ( all regions tested, some are at 8 kb/s some at 23mb/s but just during 2 seconds )
Restore / modify ethernet params ( dns cache etc )
Hdd space 710 gb
Internet conection 1.3gb/s ( orange ) average steam 75-100 mb/s

I try many games downloading, and seems it’s not a steam problem, i can download bo3 in less than 15 min ( 100 GB ) , or another game, total warhammer 2 , death stranding… all keep fine downloading.

If anyone has the solution please

Thanks in advance

Content delivery is handled by the Steam client, so please reach out to Steam Support as they will be best suited to assist.

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