How are the bots gonna work?

Interesting thought for the solo players among us. Seeing as custom charecters are confirmed how are the bots gonna work if your playing by yourself? Will you have 4 custom charecters on your team? Will we get randomized bots? Im curious how it will work. Thoughts?


1 possibility i could see is that each class has a deafault look like how they look in the trailers, and bots always look the same.
2. possibility would be that they would look like how the player saved them like v2, tho i think this unlikely due to darktide running on dedicated servers and the game could have conflicts deciding who’s player saved charater profiles to use when for example playing as 2 players 2 bots.
3. total randomness :upside_down_face:
4. maybe there is a palette of a few prefab loadouts to choose from prior to mission start, to build your team

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I’m curious about how the bot-AI gonna work?
In Vermintide, bots are prefer to staying close to the player, which may cause problem during range-heavy combat.


They may have to really heavily update the bot AI behavior. I mean…i have this pipe dream that since we have custom characters we could customly tweak the AI behavior of our characters when they are bots…sort of a little like Dragon Age Inquisiton if you played that. However in a fast pased game like Darktide…not sure how it could work…


Let’s say I’m playing as an Ogryn for example, and I’m building off of the VT2 system. I think we should be able to do the following:

  1. Create up to 3 Bot profiles, in order of prioritization. (Let’s pretend I’m creating 3 Ogryn profiles.)

  2. In each Bot profile, we set every individual talent and weapon and gear selection. (The Bot profiles should be independent of each other, and they should be independent of what I’m currently using on my Ogryn.)

  3. When I load into a game without any human players in the lobby as an Ogryn, I spawn into the game with my current Ogryn loadout, and my 3 Ogryn Bots spawn in with their customized loadouts.

  4. If a human player joins my lobby, they should replace my 3rd prioritized Bot character. If someone else joins, they replace my 2nd Bot, and if another joins…they replace my 1st Bot. If a human player leaves, my 1st Bot comes back into play.

:cowboy_hat_face: A newer system could be interesting though. Let’s say you make a profile for each character type (1 for Ogryn, 1 for Psyker, 1 for Veteran, 1 for Zealot), and then use a checklist of rules to determine which bot you get…

“Use Ogryn if no Ogryn is on team?” :white_check_mark: :x:
“Use Psyker if no Psyker is on team?” :white_check_mark: :x:
“Use Veteran if no Veteran is on team?” :white_check_mark: :x:
“Use Zealot if no Zealot is on team?” :white_check_mark: :x:

and/or the last option…

“Always prioritize Bots with XYZ list of Bot profiles…” :white_check_mark: :x:

  1. X
  2. Y
  3. Z

I think the hybrid and conditions-dependent system would be the coolest, but the slightly enhanced VT2 system would at least be a little better than what we currently have.


DRG had a drone, that would spawn if you were alone on a map to help you with task and combat.

so i also could see darktide without any playable character bots so without any of the classes.

like guardsmen fodder troops… that could solve alot of problems vermintide 2 had, now that i think about it, they could instead of going down like a player be killed outright and replaced after a timer, after all its 40k if its not enough just send more


That reminds me of when I played Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield titles when I was younger. Cheap respawning throw-away bots would be a hilarious yet very interesting way to go about it, I like it :grin:
I’ll have to check out DRG again as the Drone concept sounds really interesting…I played it very early in release and hardly recognize the game now.

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Maybe respawning your “troops” is some kind of resource that only spawns when your not full of players?

IE: you find a…teleport beacon or a…location beacon that teleports fresh troops in/they run in from some “off map” area

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another way could be scripted troops, so you had a squad of imp guard on the vocal points of the mission who got sent there independently to you.
might not work so well on all difficulties.

but imersion wise it would be pretty rad,
not only would it facilitate that the inquisitor your working for, isnt counting on your success but had a contigency plan at play with mutiple squads so it wouldnt matter if one or two sqauds get wiped out.

Also having “your own” disposable troops would fit in with the imperium’s largely “throw waves of troops at it and see what happens” (until the space marines show up) method of war.

Also the “beacon” system i suggested could get tactical real fast. Do you save your reinforcement beacon for before the big fight (boss or hold out or whatever) so you have fresh troops or do you use it now so you can carry that healing or ammo bag or whatever?