Making Bots Lovable

Currently bots are

  • ineffective
  • basic
  • devoid of character
  • frustrating

On malice they’re practically suicidal. Playing with bots doesn’t feel good.
Yes, Darktide is a co-op game for humans. But there are instances where bots are inevitable(can’t find players, dc’s, etc) and there are players who prefer to play private games.

My basic suggestions to make bots tolerable would be to

  • scale them with difficulty(stats, weapons and cosmetics)
  • teach them to use cover/avoid running into kill boxes

To make bots lovable you could give them the loadout, appearance, name and voice of a players alt character

or (slightly ambitious)

Introduce an in-game system for creating bot characters. The mission could then select from a pool of these characters. You could make it completely freeform and allow customization of the loadout and cosmetics.

If you want to go even further ( Very Ambitious)

You could integrate it with the game economy, allowing players to purchase gear and cosmetics for their bots. Maybe you could also send them on missions for passive income and develop this into it’s own peripheral game system.

I don’t actually actually expect anything like this as I understand it often doesn’t make sense to allocate development resources to niche side content. However, I believe that bots are a somewhat significant aspect of the game experience(whether you want them to be or not). This kind of system would also make more use of the customization systems you are putting so much effort into.

I would love to love the bots :slight_smile:

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Vermintide 2 bots are way better then Darktides.

  1. You can customize them to your liking
  2. Certain careers can play decently well on legend with the right gear and talents
  3. They can carry books, grims, healing, bombs etc.

The Darktide bots lack all three of these things.

So yeah, the bot system needs some expansion, they’re pretty useless most of the time, much worse then the average player.


I got 3 of the same bot with laspistols one mission start and I just backed out, they were useless on Malice with only those as ranged weapons. It would be nice to be able to outfit your bot squad, maybe with a separate unlock system after reaching level 30 to stay in line with the theme of gaining trust within the Inquisition.

it would be Amazing to have your bots be your secondary charaters,
like in vermintide 2, You whould them have the ability to edit them.

Pick who comes with you on a mission’s,
The bots could earn a slight amount of xp 25% of what the player gets,
( this is to make it so the bots dont stay on level 1 while the player hits level 10)
And it would a reward a player for switching up classes as their main chararter would turn into a stronger bot that can join them.

And single player/private lobbies please, thanks