Hotfix #25 (1.2.11)

In regards to Veteran squishiness:
The maintakeaway is the over-reliance on damage reduction, which the vet has very little of.
The only way to tank the greater damage values of damnation is to invest, in one form or the other, in heavy DR.
Vet went from getting a universal 75% DR with decent uptime and the largest toughness pool to… well… ahem.


Unwavering Focus was kinda busted as hell, between the fact that the description (as I remember it/can find evidence of) was TDR vs ranged yet it was universal, the amount of TDR it provided and the uptime.

That said, why Veteran doesn’t get more TDR (and especially ranged TDR) seems odd. The latter, at least, would give the “ranged specialist” the ability to… better specialise in dealing with enemies at range :person_shrugging:


Right so, I don’t know if this is really much use. Probably be dismissed as irrelevant.

I don’t like how the Veteran has turned out since Patch 13.

Before then, I was quite happy just being a Las-man. Pew pew.

Since then the skill tree has had things added to it in an attempt to create more diversive builds. We ended up with stealth, command and Volleyfire minus 2.0 (we went back not forward with that ability). And then the keystones: headshots, mark targets and swap weapons.

I don’t like any of it really. It does a poor job of bringing out the Guardsman in my character. I feel like builds are railroaded into these hyper specific styles, leaving no room for creativity or just wanting to be that classic Guardsman paragon.

My attempts to create my old guardsman have met with roadblocks, or the inevitable feeling that I’m not engaging with the new things that got added, which leaves me feeling like my build is boring.

All in all, despite my hours of trying to find a way to have fun with the new stuff, I just haven’t. I don’t know the solution to this, and to be honest I guess it might just be hard luck for me. But I figured I’d try and put my thoughts out here.


Is there any way that i can see your friends build? :slight_smile:

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Undo it please. It was way more cool and satisfying before!

Catfish mentioned upthread that it’s being fixed along with Executioner’s Stance. [EDIT: I meant Exhilarating Takedown] Sounds like it’s also maybe in the pipeline for the next hotfix/patch!

i can live with this nerf, dont get me wrong, just wished it was listed…
but, i can forgive then if they make chainaxe viable like eviscerator!
A man can dream

Whats wrong with executioners stance?

Oops wrong talent! I meant Exhilarating Takedown.

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Think he meant Exhilarating Takedown

oh there you go

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It would also open up some neat bleed build synergies.

you can already proc bleed from bayonet, what crazy interaction are you thinking ? ^^

Anyway , the big problem is that there are A LOT less viable builds to play with. It’s going like straight to one meta nearly.

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I don’t know it, but I will ask him! I do have a recording of the mission tho –

Yea, seems to me that the big underlying problem with vet talents is just that there needs to be more crosslinks between the trees. The other classes have this (especially psyker…sheesh) and it seems like an obviously important part of having talent trees. Not sure why they excluded vet from this but imo it’s a mistake and they should just add some crosslinks.

Bleed counts as a ranged attack, but currently doesn’t trigger stacks for Weapon Specialization. It would be neat if it could buff your melee weapon with stacks while you melee.


I really wish you guys would undo the changes you’ve done to the veteran skill tree. They’re not improvements. They’re burdens. And their “tradeoffs” are so limited and situational that they only ever feel like an imposition.

Not expecting a response or anything, I just really hate what’s been done to my favorite class and I wish you’d reconsider.

Let’s see these stubber changes applied to all the stubbers. The firing delay is an unnecessary mechanic games feature to add “realism” if the gun uses an “open bolt” or it’s a revolver that’s “double action”. The accuracy is needed for stubbers to compete with other ogryn ranged choices or else they’ll just be glorified melee weapons in your ranged slot.

the nerfs were clearly put there to compensate for the keystones, if you don’t run a keystone you are just having worse stats, that’s the deal fatshark is proposing (shoving down your throat) with patch 15

i main vet and i always top the scoreboard, i could top the scoreboard even with all meme perks for all that matters, but my prowess doesn’t justify the nerfs

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Yea, my point with posting that result was just that the vet player is my buddy who I play with all the time, he and I have comparable skill levels and usually score about the same, so the fact that he’s been kinda running away with the scores since the patch indicates to me that there’s some good stuff in the current vet trees – altho apparently not if you take the keystones

Played a game with him yesterday, possibly the longest and craziest game I’ve ever had actually (56 minutes!!!) and wouldn’t you know it homeboy cleaned up again, tons of damage, no downs, no deaths, just a beast:

Or maybe he’s just been up nights practicing DT nonstop :joy:

yes, just like me, look at this (me with friends)

when the nerfs really hits you, (and me), is when you are loosing, and you feel like you could have done better before

when i play with randoms i just loose games at a rate that is unacceptable for me, sucking its sucking and it sucks to suck, i’m not putting the blame on my team mates, even if they are randoms

what I really hate about the ‘‘its just fine’’ take, is that i tried surge staff without the bug, and it felt just fine to me, i could be a decent psyker with it anyways, but when i see the mains complaining it got so bad that its unusable then i see myself in them

if you don’t main the class you might never notice the nerfs, if you main the class you know how to be good despite the nerfs, but it still sucks that you had to make sacrifices that you didn’t want to do

i wouldn’t be doing this if patch 15 was a balance patch, but it was NOT meant to be a balance patch, this is what infuriates me

i didn’t say a pip in patch 13, i’ve even got my favorite weapons buffed in patch 14 (even though they buffed all wapons, except headhunter autoguns and ripper guns for whatever reason)

so i was confident patch 15 wouldn’t have been a diastrous balance patch, you see where my point is?