Host Quickplay random map


it would be great to have the option to host quickplay, host random map,
select option to host and then quickplay

(mod doesn’t work)
why there is no option for this?

please add it,

thanks for reading :slight_smile:


The mod works for me.


Im on the PS4 and the only way I can host a QP is by hosting a normal game, getting a random in (i.e. waiting till someone successfully connects) then closing it and starting a QP.
I often have to do this because sometimes QP wont work and keeps putting me in non-QP games, so I am forced to attempt to host my own QP. But… often the random leaves before I can change the game to QP, probably because they are looking for a QP game.

Quickplay host mods works for me too. It didnt at first but I reinstalled it and made sure to activate it in the mod configuration options and it worked fine after that.