Host QP Chaos Wastes

I’m tired of joining lost games, or hosts who live in the middle of nowhere with either 300 ping or that lose connection after the third map.
Why can’t I host my own QP games, like I can in regular game mode ?

Jokes on you, you can.
To host your own Chaos Wastes QP game, you need to start QP in adventure mode using “Host your own game” mod, then cancel it, go to Chaos Wastes and start QP there.
If everything’s been done correctly, you should be able to host QP Chaos Wastes.
It’s a messy workaround but it’s better than nothing.

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Kinda sad credo of all VT2 user experience right there.

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If you don’t have the mod you could just open a custom CW game, wait till somebody joins your keep (through quickplay on their end), and then cancel and select quickplay instead. (Because it won’t put you in another game when you’re host to somebody else.)