Horde spawn blocked on Athel Yenlui

Issue Summary:

During a legend custom game run of Athel Yenlui, I pulled back to the very edge of the map behind the first tome location, behind a boulder. I planned to wait out the imminent horde there, and it did sound the horde spawn music shortly, however, the horde just wasn´t coming, so I eventually kept going forward. To my surprise, NO hordes spawned since then until the end of the mission. Even the end task mini hordes didn´t spawn at all. The only spawns I got since then was a troll at the 2nd tome location, and a skaven patrol in the middle of the grassy plains leading to the last location of Athel Yenlui. The ambient spawns of course were present throughout.

(Hope I don´t get screwed over for keeping the loot, I mean, V2´s bugs have screwed me out of loot countless more times than how many times they provided, so…)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Athel Yenlui
  2. Go to the mentioned location before a horde spawns
  3. Wait there until it spawns
  4. Profit (literally)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Additional Information:

This is the location in question (or possibly just next to it, if there is another boulder left of this one, but this should give a pretty good idea anyway).

I have run into this as well, not just on Athel Yenlui, but also on Skittergate and Against the Grain. A friend tells me he has also run into this on different maps, so it might be a general bug.
What I noticed is that apparently once you circumvent or skip a patrol (also happens while speedrunning a map), no hordes will spawn throughout the rest of the map.
For me, this was reproducible at least two times when playing solo (i.e. only with bots), and it happened everytime after a patrol appeared at the beginning of the map. The bots would engage the patrol or trigger it, then get wiped by the patrol, and there was nothing else for me to do but run away from the patrol in the hopes of reviving my fellows-in-arms. After the patrol was skipped, no hordes were spawning in the rest of the map anymore.

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