Horde optimization question

My system specs:
Gtx 1070, ryzen 5 2600x, 8 gb of ddr4 and the game is installed on an ssd.

This game runs between 115 and 75 fps (on the highest graphical settings) in most situations with the one huge exception being during hordes. During hordes, no matter who is hosting, my fps regularly drops between 60 and 55 fps. This would be fine if the drops are being caused by heavy cpu and gpu loads, but during these hordes I regularly see drops in my resource usage, with the gpu steady at 85% and the cpu at 50-60 while also seeing drops in fps.

What could be causing this? Even dropping down to low settings I see fps as low as 60 during hordes, with resources below 100%.

Ram usage is only around 6 gb.

Tldr: I have a moderately powerful pc, but reliably 60 fps during hordes no matter what graphical setting and without maximum resource usage.

Edit: none of my components are expeiencing thermal throttling according to MSI afterburner

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Game is CPU intensive and poorly optimized. You can make it look like a potato and achieve little to no improvement on FPS.
The frame drops are mainly happening due to loading 200 AI for the CPU to suddenly calculate for the AI director.
I play on a 960 with max settings and can get similar FPS because I have an overclocked quad core i5-3570k which is a few gens older than Ryzen. Maybe two or three gens; it doesn’t force you onto a Win10 platform.
Edit also 16gb of ram which i certainly don’t max resources on either

One channel ddr4 may be an issue as well
Fps drops or lag spikes usually caused by overall low performance of hardware or bottleneck in loading data. Low performance is not your reason for sure, so its either issue with game, or HyperThreading or one channel ddr.

You also did not mention how many worker threads you set in the launcher options

Edit: one channel is when you have 1 stick of ram.

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One thing that helps me mitigate my frame drops is capping the frames at 60. Have you given this a try, OP?
Or are you trying for more?

mr_sp1ce had a good idea about the hyperthreading. You might get better performance by disabling some cores. There is some BS with the way Windows handles core parking that can cause performance drops when having more cores than optimal.
One Channel DDR I have no input on; I’ve always bought dual.

Worker threads set to 10, dual channel memory

Thanks for the advice, my only issue with caping the fps is that, on most maps, for like 80% of the game, i can get a little over 100 fps consistently and it feels shitty to have to gimp that just because of hords.

Does your monitor support more that 60 fps?
Otherwise that doesn’t really matter. (at worst you would get every frame 1/60 lagging behind)

Yeah, its 144 hz

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Ahh I understand the problem now. Yeah I don’t know about this game and being reliable for 144hz. I would suggest maybe seeing if VT1 gets you better FPS and more consistent FPS.
But I doubt that would do much because honestly the game looks just the same as the first one. That was one of the first things I noticed and I remember originally gimping all the graphics settings to see if I could get better and smoother FPS. It did next to nothing like I imagined it would.
The game is just realllllllly horribly optimized just like the last one is my take on it. Imagine your computer as a car on a road. And imagine the road quality as the game’s optimization. Some games are like paved roads, some games are like going mudding in a truck. The only solution to keeping the ride smooth and not seeing all the mud splashing up on the windows is to get bigger tires and a better car suspension. Because this game’s road is far from paved; it’s a wet dirt road with lots of potholes.

I hope that analogy was at least fun to read because I’m not sure what I could tell you aside from trying MASSIVE overkill computer specs. Not that your specs aren’t great. Maybe an intel runs this turd better? I seem to be able to get results similar to you but with my old i5-3570k (not overclocked currently) 8gb ddr3 ram and a 4gb GTX 960. Also my game is on a standard speed HDD.

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