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First of all, I have to say I’m only playing Vermintide 2, then I can’t compare these FPS drops on other games. I’d need some help about FPS drops when I’m facing hordes. Usually I run the game around 60 fps and more. But when comes a horde, it always drops to 40 FPS and less. I don’t think it’s normal regarding my setup and the game :

CPU : Intel Core i5 2500K 3.3 gz
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
RAM : 8go
Motherboard : GYGABYTE P67A-UD3-B3

Thanks in advance

We have almost the same setup (I have GTX 970) and I can tell you it’s about the CPU. Hordes really put the strain on the processor. I have the same one, i5 2500K and mine is even OCed to 4.0 GHz but I’m still getting FPS drops.

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May I ask which video quality you’re playing on?

Custom :wink: And yeah, I know. If I lower certain settings I can get more FPS… But I rather prefer nice graphics and big FPS drops than smooth FPS and bland graphics.

Hi, thank you for your answer. I’m a bit surprised about your conclusion. I’ve made a test with MSI Afterburner to check the %use of CPU and GPU while playing with high quality settings. The result was a 99% use of the CGU while the processor was between 75-95%. Btw my proc isnt overlocked.

If you hover over the graphics settings in the options menu, you will see which one uses CPU and which one uses GPU more. Due to the high enemy numbers and a lot of calculations, Vermintide is CPU intensive game. Not to say that the GPU isn’t stressed mind you, it’s just that in yours and mine case the CPU is the bottleneck since we have an older model of i5. If you are not against lowering your settings, go ahead and fiddle around a little bit and see if it makes a difference.

Alright, thank you for these informations. I’m like you it’s difficult for me accepting to lower the graphic quality :grin:

Ok, I KNOW people are going to yell and scream about this, and tell you that you do not need more than 8gb’s of RAM, now that is somewhat true, but if you like me, scimped a bit on the graphics card, you need help from somewhere else. I put in 8gb more of RAM, and have no slow down at all, with a 1060 3gb card. Before, I had some weird slow downs (then it would speed up) while playing this game. Then I read up on it, and without being a tech geek, I read up on technical stuff on Toms Hardware, V-RAM (gfx card ram) are used first (my 3 gb’s are done with fast) then your RAM (my 8GB’s were used when I checked) then it starts using your hard disk space, and those cause a massive slowdown, even though I have a SSD.

Now, before this, I had to turn down all the heavy stuff graphics wise, now I can set it to what I want in 1080p.

I cant tell you anything tech wise you cant read yourself, but it helped me for sure, huge difference.

The Cheese.

Well you can easily turn on overhead display with CPU, GPU and RAM usage while playing and you will get a more precise picture about the problem. I think that VT takes about a 1 or 1.5GB of RAM so I wouldn’t say that I have a RAM problem. For instance, Ghost Recon Wildlands eats almost all of my RAM and even the game itself prompts up a notification that all of my RAM has been taken.
@Allumette wrote that he has GTX1060 with 6GB of VRAM, which is 2GB more than my GTX970 has, and he still has a problem with FPS drops.
That being said, given that your GTX1060 has only 3GB, it makes sense that you improved the performances by adding more RAM, especially if your RAM has already been clogged by your OS and you maybe have had something else running in the background (e.g Chrome with a lot of opened tabs). BTW, which CPU do you have?

As I said, I am not a tech geek, but nor am I a complete noob when it comes to system usage of resources.
(not meant in a confrontational way at all btw)
I for the sake of testing, shut down all non-essential programs running, and of course I didnt run anything in the background, nor did I record or anything else, when I tested, I didnt run any 3rd party chat program (i.e. discord)

Now, the change is easily described, and I claim nothing but what I can play at now, and what I could play at before.

Machines basic specs:
GTX 1060 3 GB
8GB ram block, and 2x4GB ram blocks (so no, no dual channel)

When I ran with 1x8GB block, running games in 1080p, I never tried to shut down anything in the background, at some point I experienced slow downs from time to time, of the sort that would happen when a few enemies would be “activated” or when I entered a new area (very standard, nothing surprising) and I naturally thought, well crap, I should’ve spend more on the gfx card.
Then I read up on it, and the article (I am sorry I forgot who wrote it, and I cant find it right now, I will link to it if I find it) made alot of sense, even though the discussions found everyewhere are devided equally between supporters of more ram, and people thinking there is no need. I am not rich, so I figured, 8GB more ram would be the absolute cheapest way to upgrade, and if it didnt help, I could live with it fine.

When I installed them, the change was very noticable. I started playing on the same settings, and I had no problems, even on legend difficulty with much more enemy pressence. I tried adding all the effects, and only experience a few stutters when enemy hordes came.

Huge difference, and I can record while playing now, use discord and run regular programs in the background no problem.

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