Hire more man in your dev team

You sold more then one million copies of Vermintide 2 in one week. Game is unfinished and has lack of content, so why don’t you hire some man to improve efficiency of your team. You can do more if have bigger team and your players won’t gonna suffer from one patch per month.

No wamen?

Srsy more devs wouldn’t be bad but to be honest Vermintide 1 turned out to be a great (after some time I heard wasn’t there at the beginning).
But it’s not like they didn’t take some bad turns compared to Ver 1 yet.

While hiring more people indeed would make things go faster after a while, right now (and likely for several months) it would slow down things, as the new people get used to the environment and get taught about the game.

More playtesters might be a good thing to catch suspicious and downright broken things more easily before publishing patches, but that’s no help either if the programmers can’t keep up with the found problems.


I think they have a decent amount of staff for a small company. You can see them listed here,


I personally think they should roll out a beta version of each patch to let us test before it goes live. A lot of issues in the past few weeks would of been solved that way.

I did a little bit of digging and managed to find some financial info for Fatshark studios AB from the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, no info on 2017 and of course no info for 2018 since the current fiscal year is still in progress. Fatshark Studios AB are subsidiary of Fatshark AB which is Subsidiary of Northplay Holding AB as shown on the image bellow.


Bear in mind that these numbers are for 2016, back then FS had 59 employees. I don’t know if they hire freelancers but even if they do, they wouldn’t be listed as employees (or they would?)
Revenue is expressed in Swedish crowns, so 31,282 thousands would be 31, 282,000 crowns or 3,092,225 euros or 3,576,158 US dollars.
93,797 thousands crowns is 9,271,373 or 10,722,873 US dollars.
Please correct my math if I’m wrong.
Also bear in mind that this is REVENUE, not PROFIT. More numbers (profit included) on the image bellow

So I guess this is the revenue/profit for VT1.

My point? At the end it all comes down to money and who’s in charge of that money. There’s always a board, a business plan and of course there could be some investors involved as well, which further complicates the whole system.

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That is such a weird way of recording money. 31, 282 thousands? O_o Jävla dumma…

Also, those profits would have dropped a bit now compared to USD. One USD(1$) was worth 5-6:- SEK back in 2014-2015 if I remember correctly. I was traveling back and forth a lot to Sweden back then. It’s now worth about 8 or 9 krona.

According to their staff page I posted in my previous response. It looks like they have at least 68 staff currently.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu