He's back! (The notorious SSL crash)

The infamous SSL Backend Error is back with the vengeance!


I get various disconnects (in order of frequency):

  1. On login (frustrating),
  2. On victory screen (the most frustrating),
  3. On defeat screen (it’s w/e at this point:))
  4. On joining someone (meh),
  5. Some random moments - can be in-game or in keep (happens really rarely).

The fixes I’ve tried so far are of no help. VPN kinda works, but playing the game with 100+ latency is worse than getting crashes.

Am I the only one who got “lucky”?

P.S. I’ve managed to play about 5-7 games today. Won 3 (crash), lost 4 (2 - crash).

I am getting the same error since the Patch 1.2.1. It is very annoying. I won a match, I was in the teleport area and SSL ERROR.

I play from Australia, there is no IP restriction my Ping is very low, and I get the same thing even as host.

My Internet download is on 100MB Down and 35MB Upload.

Someone please help. Thanks

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This error indicates that something is blocking the connection between your PC and our backend provider. This is particularly common for some of our Russian players due to the Russian Government’s ban on various IP addresses, sadly including those our servers are located behind.

For debugging purposes, please access this URL: https://5107.playfabapi.com/

A blank page should be displayed, and it should be encrypted (‘Secure’ as seen in the screenshot beneath):

Could you let me know what you see, please?

I have checked that link and it is exactly link your attachment. Please check mine.

Mine shows the same.

Could you both please confirm that you weren’t connected to a VPN when you accessed the website above?

I don’t have VPN and / or Virus scanner or anything that blocks my connection.

Last night, it was unplayable. SSL_CONNET_ERROR then I pressed on and restarted the game, then I got Signin Timeout then I restarted the game, I got SSL_CONNECT_ERROR, I restared the game.

I played against the grain, in the last scene, the portal, where I get my loot: SSL_CONNECT_ERROR, I restarted the game :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: SO NO LOOT .

Every time I craft anything, SSL_CONNECT_ERROR!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

On Friday night, no issue though no SSL_CONNECT_ERROR or Signin timeout, I played over 8 hours, sometimes I was host and sometimes guest, and I collected 14 legends loots.

Not sure Why this is such a random error, and all are happening since the patch 1.2.1!!!

Any update on this? anyone!!!

Yes, I do not use VPN usually.
Frankly this issue is really random.
After I made this post I played every day for a week. I haven’t had a single disconnect ever since. I hope it’s gone for good.

I have got this today over 6 times. Mainly if I go to the inventory and change a weapon or crafting, SSL_CONNECT_ERROR. Then when I re-load the game nothing is changed or crafted.

It happens when my computer tries to connect to Fatshark server to save data (I think)

Hman, I replied to your post here: Sing-in timeout error

I consider the SSL_CONNECT_ERROR to be related to your Sign-In Timeout errors, so please keep the discussion in there instead.

I’d advise to restart steam between each launch of V2.

Happened 5mins ago.

Go Here:

I added different ports to my router. Now it has been over 20 hours of play since I changed it and no errors.

After 700 hours of play I started getting it then I changed the ports and no Sign in timeout or SSL Error.

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