Heroic Deed parameters not being fulfilled

I played two different heroic deeds with the Back to Basics and No pickups in mission parameters on Veteran difficulty. I don’t know if the second one is a bug or not but I found it pretty strange as any other time I played a deed with no pickups, there were no sackrats.

Back to Basics: No talents, no traits, no properties / Hero Power reset to starting level
-did not affect bots: Mercenary’s Strike Together talent and Iron Breaker’s Oi Wazzok was still working and they were taking down SV and CW with ease which possibly implied they still had their traits/properties working on their weapons. They also killed a Chaos Spawn by themselves within 10 seconds. This is what led me to believe their traits were still working as each bot is equipped with +20% power vs monsters.

No pickups: no healing items, no tomes/grims, no bombs, no potions
-Into the Nest - found 2 sackrats that dropped several healing items. I thought the point of no pickups meant NO PICKUPS! I’ve played deeds before with the no pickups on map and didn’t encounter a sackrat but I did twice this week. I kind of feel like there shouldn’t be sackrats because they are carrying items that can be picked up…

-Skittergate- same as above with the double sackrats on map with no pickups parameter

I’ve been seeing a lot of double sackrats on Into the Nest, Skittergate, and Halescourge in the past week (with and without having an active deed). I have not seen anything in the patch notes that the number of sackrats found on a map has been increased. Prior to participating in the 1.2.1 beta patch, I had only seen 1 sackrat on any given map.

Sack rats always have a chance to drop pick ups or loot dice. Twitch mode will also give you items and sack rats, as well as bosses which drop loot dice as well. We’ve been able to get 22 dice during a run with twitch mode, which means we don’t need grims or tomes. 3 of us always take Natural bond on no pickups deeds, one without so he can use pots or med kits incase of sack rats.

Also for back to basics, your characters passives still work, you just don’t have talents. So for Merc, these still work,

Paced Strikes
Hitting 3 enemies in one swing grants 10% increased attack speed for 6 seconds.
Hitting the Sweet Spot
Attacks cleave through more enemies.
No More Laughin’ Now!
Increased crit chance.

For RV, Survivalist still works which makes specials drop ammo pickups on death. Gromril Armour still works on IB and so on. IB Impenetrable taunt still pulls all enemies and takes agro.

Nothing you said explains the issues I discussed in my post.

-I don’t play Twitch mode therefore does not explain multiple sackrats
-I never encountered double sackrats PRIOR to participating in the beta patch
-Strike Together and Oi Wazzok are TALENTS not passives
-Level 20 TALENT was working as the bots and I were getting temp health on kills
-I played the no pickups found on map deed PRIOR to participating in the beta patch with NO sackrats

Your reading comprehension skills are minimal at best.

Wow, calm down mate… Was just explaining the sack rats and passives. As well as giving some info on Twitch mode.

Sack rats have always been around, even on No pickups. It’s normal to get at least 1 per game at least in my experience. On maps like Skittergate, it seems almost like a 50/50 chance to get one in the bridge area between the two maps. I think their spawn might be a chance thing, and since Skittergate moves between maps so much, you have a higher chance. Getting dual sack rats is a bit rare, but it does happen.

Oi Wazzok is a talent which allows you to pull bosses. You didn’t say anything about the IB pulling bosses, you wrote about SV and CW. I’m not sure about strike together working. Sounds indeed like a bug.

I’ve noticed this as well.




The No pickup affects only the pickups that are pre-spawned when the mission is loaded. This means you can still get loot dices from chests (they are spawned when opening one) and other items from a sack rat or bardins skill (drop ammo/potion/bomb on special kill).

I’ve seen double sackrats on skittergate before the patch. Sounds like they are added to boss maps then?

Just want to add that this also affect grims that are spawned (2nd grim on War Camp, 2nd on Skittergate2nd on Fort B - may be missing one).

Talents work too. Easily provable by killing stuff and gaining temp health. It’s been an issue for a long time. The Deed modifier (or possibly its description) is broken.

And yeah, I think the Sack Rats kind of skirt around the condition of Deprivation. Technically, it seems to remove anything that’s generated in the beginning of a level. But as dice, a few Grimoires, and items dropped by Sack Rats are generated during the run (instead of the initial loading of the map), they still appear. They have been appearing in Deprivation Deeds since the beginning, so the patch broke nothing there.

Yea, I already acknowledged this in my previous post. A lot of in game descriptions and info is incorrect to be fair, including spelling mistakes XD

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