Hero power - how important is it for you?

So I just got my first red playing Viktor (BH or zealot) after 60 hrs of gameplay.
Ive given it a few games and even though its 50 hero power stronger than my falchion and flail, ill go back to those - I just cant stand armored/shield mobs without one of those.
How much attention do you pay to hero power, generally and say compared to the green/blue/orange traits? And would you play with 50+ heropower item if it doesnt feel right for you?

Oh and another question: is reds only from Legend Emperors chests?

No, it should be from emperor champion chests and up, all though I’ve never gotten anthing lower than general on legend.

Since 1.05 live it is General’s in Champion and up.


In my experience a +50 boost on one weapon doesn’t make much/any difference. You get the average of your weapon power levels added to your hero power, so increasing one weapon power by 50 would only increase your hero power by 10 or so.

I would stick with the weapon that feels + works better for you, regardless of the power level.

u didn’t state which red you got lol, i can’t relate the comparison.

50 power diff isn’t too much, since the main issue for weapons is how you USE them rather than raw stats on them, altho this DOES affect stagger and cleave. eventually u’ll end up at 300 item power anyway

“Their drop rates have also been drastically increased.” Well… before the patch I’ve gotten 11 veteran items, after the patch I’ve gotten 0 and one of my friends is still on 0 in total even though he’s gotten the same amount of chests, so I don’t know :P. But ok, TBH I thought is was fine to have it limited to emperors on champion, they should insted do something about the bullshit ranald bonus!

Going by testing dummies here, I found that dropping your overall hero power by just two points (to 598) will cause you to lose 25 damage on hits. That amount can be meaningless, but if you want the best power, then you want to have a total of either 599 or 600, optimally.

That’s a good point, if you’re right at one of the thresholds then a few points can make a big difference!

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