Help about crit chance on Ranged Weapons

Hi there,

can anyone help me with the Crit chance on ranged Weapons. I know that Crossbows have a 10% Crit Chance as passive so to speak. Is it still only applied when u aim down sights, or is it also when u shoot from the hip?

I tried figuriong out, but its really hard to judge… ;-((
i diont feel a real difference between aiming and Hipfire but i could be wrong, either on Saltz or Bardin. What im pretty sure off, is that Shade has no passive Crit Chance on Crossbow since it is a repeater, however could be wrong there aswell!

Thnx in advance

There is good mod for checking info on weapons its called armory have fun

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The 10% increased crit chance for the crossbow is only applied when you aim down the sight for both Victor&Bardin, I’m very certain.

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