"Healers Touch" proc should equip weapon again

The necklace item trait “Healers Touch” (also, correct grammar would be Healer’s Touch) has a 25% chance to not consume a healing item. When this happens you’re still holding the healing item. Several times while under attack from a patrol or horde, I wanted to quickly drink a potion and continue fighting but it has, while trying to block and attack in panic, instead resulted in me accidentally drinking the potion again and being unable to block an attacking Stormvermin, ending up with less health that I started with and with no potion.

My suggestion would be that if the Healer’s Touch procs, it automatically equips your melee weapon again, even if you still have your healing item.

Not to be mean but you generally shouldn’t drink a potion while under immediate strain, if you want to then you are meant to create an opportunity to do so safely, otherwise they might as well let you heal while your block is up which would be odd. And as a player you’d do well as take into account your own talent choices that you chose to take along as well as your traits that you chose to take along. This sounds more like it’d create weird frustrations by not allowing you to immediately heal an ally with a duped healthkit or to be able to pass a healthpot straight to an ally after duping it.

It’d also be a lot less transparent about the fact that ‘‘Hey I duped something!’’
Remember you can switch items with 1234, Q and Scrollwheel, generally memorizing your last pick on Q which swaps between your weapons should help you with clutch blocking, down to splitsecond blocking when switching from any item.

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In a perfect world, of course. But you also shouldn’t pull the patrol during a horde, or let yourself die leaving one person alone with everything. Being under immediate strain is what makes this game so fun!

Also, in a perfect world Q would actually let you switch weapons for a splitsecond blocking, instead of trying to block with a potion or a ranged weapon but sure, I get what you mean.

I get what you’re trying to say, this is just the first time I’ve seen or heard of this issue and I feel like it’d detract from actual improvements to the game when proper planning through experience will likely see you through this 99/100 of the time. If anything it sounds like an issue of getting used to a gameplay element introduced by a trait. Similarly if I dupe a bomb I don’t expect to suddenly switch to my melee weapon for example.

Edit: to add, I use Q to block surprise stormvermin and berserkers all the time, even on legend. The improvements to switching out of ranged to melee for clutch blocking improved that a lot.

For that reason I think it’d make more sense for your suggestion to be a request for an additional pass on items and not just weapons in order to prevent people from getting stuck in an item like a bomb or potion or healthpot.

I think you’re right that it should auto-switch back to weapon, because doesn’t bomb do this if you proc and dupe your bomb?

I’m 99% sure bombs work this way, because whenever I do dupe a bomb I don’t notice for a few minutes until I happen to look at my bottom bar and say “oh look I duped my bomb!”

Haven’t used chance to dupe potion yet so not sure about those.

Also, the mental image of someone hurriedly gulping down health potion after health potion while the stormvermin patrol bears down is pretty hilarious XD

But this is exactly how it currently is; when you throw a bomb it switches back to your weapon even if the bomb isn’t used.

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