2 suggestions on the "Chance of not using item" traits

There is a cool orange trait for accessories that allow players to have a chance of not using a consumable, like a healing item, a grenade or a potion.

I think one change to this ability is needed: Usually, when you use one of these items, the game automatically switches back to the weapon you were previously using. Except if you have this trait (Only happened to me with heals, though). Then it remains with the item in hand. Is this a bug or intended behavior?

The other change would be to tie that % (currently a fixed 25%) to player level, so that lv 30 players have a slightly higher chance of triggering the skill without unbalancing it too much. It would also encourage lower level players to level up their charas. After all, this is designed for mid-high level gameplay, being an orange trait.

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It seems only healing items remain equipped if the trait procs. Frustrating for sure, I’ve drank two health potions on accident because I didn’t realize it duped.

Haven’t you notice that your chance of keeping bombs or non healing potion is much higer then for medicine? Most of the time i can throw my bomb like five times, but at the same time my healing will dissapear immediatly after consuming.

The chance is supposed to be the same. I once had the same potion during an entire run :joy:

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