Healer Hero

It would be great to have a healer hero. His job is healing [ in some awesome way ] teammates and avoid fight. Gimme healer I will pay for a game again :slight_smile:

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Ranger used to be healing support subclass, then dev removed his healing drop. I think dev wants player to fight(they also made shield to be capable of good fighting)

Nope sorry. in game like this holy trinity? I’m sorry but this never going to happens.
Don’t get me wrong I was playing in WoW for 13 years as disc/holy priest (yeah I know nothing to be proud of but just want you to know i feel you).

If the game would have a healer the boss fight and overall difficulty needed to be balance about that.

Now let’s says some 4 players pick quick play and no one of them is a healer. They got boss map. What they do? They need to disband party cose they are unable to finish it.

Now if we would have a healer but game would be balanced for teams with no healer.
Hm all aspect of challenging your self would be gone, and I’m afraid there would be no reason to play this kind of game. As I feel you bro, but nope never in this game.


Yeah, You’re right. I fully understand work which would be needed to create healer balanced game, thats why I said i would pay as for new game :slight_smile:

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